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Glenn Beck Goes After Van Jones!

August 24, 2009 Front Page 14 Comments

ed0308_vanjones2I just got this interesting link to one of the blogs over at the Los Angeles Times. Apparently, Glenn Beck is fighting back against the recent ad boycott by attacking White House special adviser and Color of Change co-founder Van Jones. Color of Change has been pressing corporate sponsors to boycott Beck’s show for recent President Obama is a “racist” statements.

On today’s show Glenn Beck challenged Van Jones’ credibility and background and even said:

“Why is it that such a committed revolutionary has made it so high into the Obama administration as one of his chief advisers?” Beck asked.

Check out the link and tell me what you think!

Looks like Glenn Beck isn’t going to go down without a fight.

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  1. chester thrower says:

    hey!!!! van jones is the truth…..nuff said!

  2. Alfonso says:

    “The verdicts, which cleared the cops of beating Rodney King” as if there were some question as to whether or not they had beaten Rodney King, and that the question was legitimately rejected.

    The hate mongering by their pundits is what draws the most attention, but to me it’s the lies and historical revisions that are the most dangerous aspect of Fox News.

  3. bikedate says:

    i love how in glenn beck’s hands working with nancy pelosi, getting people from prisons to green jobs and mentioning global warming are used as accusations! that man crazy. so glad to see his ship sinking – he is truly what’s wrong with america…

  4. PatClark says:

    Van’s gotta have like 5 million committed friends to back him up on this one. Reminds me of when Palin sneered out the phrase “community organizer” like it was an obscenity back in the midst of her LOSING campaign. It’s good when they try to pick a fight with us based on our strengths – they lose.

  5. Your Mama says:

    Like they say birds of a feather flock together, seems like you all don’t like decent unless its yours oh well…

  6. Biko Baker says:

    perception is reality. A lot of stuff in the video that was supposed to be bad, I thought was actually good (ie the pipeline from prison line)

    I am really LMAO at the anti-Van Jones stuff on twitter!!

  7. marisol says:

    Stop the media lynching of this man. He is honest and hardworking and we do need revolutionaries since this current system is rotten to the core:ordering torture and leaving American people to die and starve. I thought people had the right to their political opinions here??

  8. Your Mama says:

    Like little lemmings you all march along.. Glen Beck ship is not sinking its running full sail with the wind with millions of supporters and fox news is kicking butt against the left wing wacko obama run main street news outlets

    I am really LMAO cause groups like Acorn are being exposed

  9. Scott says:

    Just wanted to know if these quotes that Beck is talking about our true? That is all I am asking for is the truth. I haven’t seen anyone deny the accuracy of the things he said.

  10. NationalistZ says:

    You guys are so full of SH!T it’s amazing. This guy (VJ) is a declared COMMUNIST! He even says it. Once a convict, always a convict. Cut the crap!

  11. voice of reason says:

    Clever trollery. You’re just firing with the same old arguments that Papa Beck has been feeding you.

    You hear he’s a convict or a communist and your alarms go off. If you read recent literature, he had a bit of a streak as identifying himself as communist as a youth, much like others of his age. Such as an oft cited story of a US President attempting to join the Communist party during the 1930s: Ronald Reagan.

    You don’t see what’s actually going on because all you do is listen to GB, the great economic work that’s actually being done to create new jobs and put more money in YOUR pocket. Let’s just face it, turn off Fox News and do some of your own research.

    Plus, this post has been off the radar for at least a week and a half. Seems like you’re just searching Glenn Beck or Van Jones and attacking anything that comes up.

    Maybe you’re the one who’s full of “SH!T”, pal.

  12. Your Mama says:

    They have him on film, and he was no kid wise up and stop listing to the Obma Chanel MSNBC…

  13. mark says:

    no matter what you say beck has told the truth about vj. he admitted he associates himself with the communists.no the great vj is no more with the wh. hopefully this will lead to all of obamas czars being approved by congress so we in the public will know who obama surrounds himself with. so if not for beck we would not know what is going on in washington before it is too late. wake up america ask questions of our govermnet do not follow like lambs to the slaughter. if you do not ask then keep quiet when you lose your health care and a lot more because of this goverment.

  14. SyvohnLaChee says:

    Here we go again just more right wing rhetoric used to shade over the real issues.

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