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Invincible’s List of *Today’s Most Influential Female MCs in Hip-Hop

August 18, 2009 Front Page 18 Comments

Never let it be said that I can’t admit when I am wrong. Last week I posted a blog called “Where is the Next Lauryn Hill?” where I pretty much said that hip-hop is dying because of the lack of female participation. Boy was I off the mark! Immediately after posting the blog dozens of hip-hop fans hit me up via Twitter, Facebook and in 99p’s comment section to let me know that hip-hop is filled with strong women voices.

After the jump is an email I received from Detroit’s very own Invincible, who many consider to be hip-hop’s most talented female MC. (Although I think she might be offended by that statement, because she once rapped “I wanna be known as the best rapper, period. Not just the best with breasts and a period” or something like that.) In it she lays out a list of the top women rappers in music today.

Thanks for the mention Biko!
Here’s my website if people want to hear more and support:
www.EMERGENCEmusic.net and also check out my travel agency
www.EMERGENCEtravel.net launching this evening!
Psalm One website: www.PsalmUno.com
and www.myspace.com/JeanGrae for more info on the infamous Jean Grae

In Detroit we have a weekly women in Hip Hop centered night called the Foundation started by international photographer Piper Carter. All genders are welcomed on the open mic, but the monthly features are all female, and backed up by the all female hip hop band YIN. The fact that this event centers on women but doesn’t exclude other genders makes it a safe space for people to develop their skills. I think this is a great model for other cities.

Minneapolis also has the annual women in Hip Hop festival called B-Girl Be, coming up this fall:
and Philly just held their Ladies in Hip Hop festival last week. Both of these events focus more on dance but also include all the elements as well.

Last year I had the honor to perform at the first international women in hip hop festival, We B Girlz, in Berlin. The festival was followed by a tour featuring myself, Bahamadia, Roxanne Shante, Eternia, DJ Shortee, Stacy Epps, and many more. I filmed a short documentary about the tour called “The Revival” which will be released this fall. I am also booking a women in hip hop tour for the spring (which will include performances, film screenings, and workshops) if anyone reading this is interested hit me at info@emergencemusic.net

Amina did a great job of listing everyone from the Chi…so here’s the rest of the list iIjust thought of off the top. I hope I didn’t forget too many. I also want to point out Queen Latifah just dropped a new album (single featuring Mary J Blige) and MC Lyte keeps dropping new songs on Hip Hop DX.


Miz Korona


D.S. Sense

Mz Jonz

Njeri Earth

New York:

ANOMOLIES (my crew!)

Pri The Honey Dark

Helixx C Armageddon

Kuttin Kandi (DJ)

Big Tara (Bgirl)

Tiye Phoenix

Eternia (from Toronto)

Lah Tere (from Chicago, in the group Rebel Diaz)

Bless Roxwell (also runs a blog that features women in hip hop: http://roxrevolution.blogspot.com/)

Toni Blackman (from DC)


Bahamadia (still performing and recording)

Ethel Cee




Boog Brown (from Detroit)

Stacy Epps


Fiona Simone


Mystic (bout to drop her new album)

Emoni Fela (from DC)


Kandi Cole

Miki Vale

the (Sis)tem (all female crew)


everwhere else:

Lady Luck (NJ)

Fathom (Connecticut)

AthenA (Nashville, TN)

Perseph One (Houston, TX)

Abeer (Baltimore/Palestine)

Not to mention hundreds more in the states, Canada, and worldwide!!!!!

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  1. Bobby Drake says:

    Tiye Phoenix is hot too (NYC)

  2. DJ SAV*ONE says:

    Much respect to Invincible, one of the most talented artists & definitely a leader in the community. Shouts, of course, to everyone on the list, there are definitely many fierce female MCs in the game right now that need and deserve our support.

    Extra props to my homegirl, Eternia, make sure you support her “Road To Release” videos @ http://www.youtube.com/eternia777


  3. […] Maree Brown (Ruckus Society) posted the article, “Invincible’s List of the Most Influential Female MCs in Hip Hop“, on Facebook today. I was thinking, “Like damn… yea, we do need to support our […]

  4. Quest MCODY says:

    Great article on a great person that is a great emcee. Keep it goin for the D Invincible one love

  5. […] down wthh 99Problems.org and listed her most influential Femcees from Detroit to Cali. Check it out here. Categories: The Fembassy – Tags: Female Rappers, Femcees, invincible, invincible’s most […]

  6. invincible says:

    so first off i just wanna say this comment system keeps erasing what i write lol. when i first wrote this entry it was a mile long comment and it got erased! so this post is the second attempt with many missing from it. i emailed to biko in frustration after hours of searching links…lol
    also i want to clarify that this is not a list of GREATEST OF ALL TIME it is “a list of the top women rappers in music today.”
    if it was a most influential historically…Roxanne Shante would be #1 to me. of course Boss and Yo-Yo and Heather B and Nikki D and many many many more!
    much respect to anyone dope i forgot it was not intentionally.

  7. uv says:

    Ethel Cee!

  8. invincible says:

    Renny Tha Rebel just hit me up on twitter so here’s her link: http://www.myspace.com/renegadetharebel

    also of course Apani B Fly
    and Rah Digga (saw her doing some collabs recently)
    and Lin Que
    and soooo many more!!!!

  9. Karuna says:

    This is a very good list of female mc’s who are out there making music today in the US. Couple I need to add: Dessa Darling (of Doomtree – Minneapolis) and Bridget Gray (I wanna say Seattle?). However if we’re going international there are tons more. Gotta give a big shout to Layla, an MC from Australia who I think of as their version of Invincible :)

    But thanks for the list. I’m bookmarking it so I can come back here and get a smile from time to time.

  10. AYana Soyini says:

    This list is very incomplete BUT I appreciate the effort.

    Let me add my name since I wasn’t mentioned.

    Ayana Soyini
    CEO of Goldeneyes Entertainment
    Khamouflage Productions

    Check out this clip of me on The Wake Up Show w/ Sway & Tech


    Women need to take more control on the business side of things. The majority of female emcees don’t own their Masters or Publishing and are signed to someone’s elese label. When I made the move to independently own and control my destiny I was BLACKBALLED!!! But I don’t regret the decision I made as it was the right one. But I am one of the few women in this position and even though I have some fame I am not famous…so hence women like me are rendered invisible to mainstream society. We are a threat to the status quo!

    Stay strong Ladies!

    We WILL overcome!

  11. Firey Phoenix says:

    I would like to say great job starting this conversation Biko. But Imma need you to add a sista to the list as a Milwaukee Representative. Emceein’ and singing is what I do and have done. Naw I ain’t signed, naw I ain’t a LABEL, I am an activist using my rhythmic voice as a conduit to emancipation of the mind. Period.

    I hate how when a woman has a strong voice as an emcee she is automatically categorized as a poet only. Like she doesn’t even get to step in the ring with her male counterparts. I beg to differ.

    Here go my music by the way….


  12. JiE says:

    A huge omission: where’s the love for Masia One? She’s a dope female MC from Toronto (my hometown), has 2 albums out: Mississauga (2003) & Pulau (double CD, 2008): MasiaOne.com

    And, another omission: Sonja Blade. She’s spit pure fiyah on the Wake Up Show many times…sadly, she’s never put out an album; but her track “Look For Tha Name” is bangin.

  13. GENERAL says:

    FEMALE RAPPERS/MC’S WANTED http://wp.me/pyM3I-ty

  14. Ruby Yo! says:

    Much love and respect for this post! The game is def lacking female energy, and coming from the Chi, there def are some forces out here I’m sure to blow up soon! My list for Chicago female emcees:
    Ruby Yo!
    Elena Luv
    Lady Flipside
    Nikki Lynette

    Just to name a few, but this city is bubbling with female talent and its only a matter of time folks!


    Ruby Yo!

  15. Check out MEDA in this group called Natural Habitz… SHe is an up and coming female mc… She got a hot track wit Makeba Mooncycle called Stand By that’s crazy!!!! They myspace is myspace.com/naturalhabitz

    Thanks everyone who has made great strides to expose the fact the dope female emcees do exist and need to BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. […] smack people out of their slumber and wake them up.” Here Invincible’s own list of some ill dope females in the game you need to be checkin for: Detroit: Miz Korona – MaeDay – D.S. Sense – Mz […]

  17. emerald says:

    If you like Invincible, check out this female MC from Invercargill New Zealand. http://soundcloud.com/emerald-3

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