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It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp…Just ask Pimp Snooky

August 10, 2009 Front Page 13 Comments

Last week one of the nation’s most notorious pimps, Pimp Snooky aka Derrick Avery, was arrested in Las Vegas for trafficking minors for the sex trade. Snooky, a Milwaukee native who first rose to national prominence in the 1999 docu-drama “Pimps Up Hoes Down” claims he was just an actor playing a pimp on film. Of course, the feds say otherwise and are attempting to throw the book at him for having girls as young as 14 traveling across state lines to prostitute.

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While Pimp Snooky, like everyone, is innocent until proven guilty, the truth is that this guy loved telling people he how good he was at his trade. Like other famous “men of leisure” like Bishop Magic Don Juan or Pimping Ken, Snooky was proud to let the world know that he was a pimp. Just check the video below.

While I have never met Snooky, his rise to prominence has made him a Milwaukee street legend. In many circles he is even considered a hero for his pimping abilities.

But the truth is that Snooky’s victims weren’t just the young women that he worked with, they were also the young men that looked up to him. Because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, much of hip-hop culture has become inundated with the images, lingo and fast money associated with the pimp life style. In a world devoid of African American male role models, individuals like this guy end up becoming heroes. And word to Terrance Howard, it doesn’t help that many MCs and rappers have reinforced the culture associated with the “pimp game.” (Really, you can’t just blame hip-hop. Pimp culture has been a fabric of urban pop sensibilities since the blaxplotation films of the late 60s)

So call me a hater, but I am happy that Snooky will likely spend time in jail. Maybe the next young man who is aspiring to become a pimp with think twice about their career paths.

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  1. Heather Box says:

    I also hope him serving time will help people understand what pimping really is. Did you the average age of American women entering the sex trade is 13 years old???!! Average?! These are little girls – check out this documentary about child prostitution in New York: http://www.gems-girls.org/girlsarenotforsale.html

    It is sad for Snooky that he got caught up in such a horrible life style but he engaged in years of abuse and that is not glamorous or anything to be idealized – our society needs a reality check about pimping.

  2. hitopsandblazers says:


  3. ibrahim says:

    black people need to make a choice: pimp each other or support each other.

  4. Natasha says:

    Man pimpin really aint easy

  5. big A says:

    this nigga is a fucked up pimp….suits are fucked up..and ain’t shit slick about pimpin a lil kid…pimp a real grown bitch…child molestin ass niggah!…..big boxy ass suits..and fuck mf’s who say im hatin….the game is fucked cuz of fuckups like him….all on video and shit…thats nigga shit!

  6. Missy says:

    Being one of his ex-victims of a 4 year terror, He is the scum of the Earth that will continue to pry on women and little girls as long a society allows him too. He will continue to try to imp from behind bars, trust me on this be on the lookout.I hope he gets locked up for the rest of his life and is sexually assaulted and beat on a daily basis, as he has done to so many women. I have come a long way from the terror he had instilled in my life and I hate that I will have to relive all he had done to me and my children. No he did not offend my children but he sure threatened me that he would. Also I tried telling the world about him 11 years ago and it seemed no one would listen, so to those back in that day are just as guilty as Snooky himself, this could have been stopped years ago, but I am glad he will not have any future victims.

  7. noble dee says:

    Just a few words of wisdom first of all when I came along in the late fift’y and sixties our role modes were limited for the conventional way of life due to the signs of the times we were in, therefore my role models and many other african american youths back then became men such as the Iceberg Slims and Fillmore Slims these men represented success in the ghetto’s of america back then only they pimp’d on grown women not kids.
    Since I am a writer today I could go on making this a book but I’ll nip this comment in the bud by saying no I do not condone little kids be it boy or girl being exploited or interduce to this life style. Men like snooky should give the babies a chance by letting them grow up to become adults. Because as a grow up the choices they make then is on them, and by then they should no all that glitters ain’t gold! So I say to all the real PI lets cherrish the youths let them eat their ice cream and be kids.

  8. jennell says:

    Well I have a daughter with Mr avery and I know first hand that everything is true!! Not only is it true the man has done way more then what’s being written in articles!!! I was abused and stabbed while I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter!!! He is a monster, a child molester, a rapist and a murderer!! He uses and abuses women in ways you can’t even imagine!!! I think his whole fuckin family is disgusting for acting like he’s the fuckin victim and he’s in jail for no reason when they know he’s a fuckin monster!!! He use to beat me while I was pregnant in front of his mother!!!! He has fathered more then 30 kids!!! He’s a low life bum who comes from trash and he is getting everything he deserves!!!

  9. Iron P says:

    It’s a shame women don’t take more responsibility. I agree that pimpin kids is wrong, but unless yo ass was on mars you more than likely KNEW PIMPN WAS GOING ON even more so with him because he was on T.V as early as 1997 proclaiming the shit!!! This man was telling the world he was a pimp. More than a few of the so called victims was attracted to the life knowing full well the shit was wrong from jump. I want to hear more about personal accountability and less bullshit.

  10. babymama says:

    I agree jennel I also have a baby by him and I was beat so bad when I was pregnant that I went into pre mature labor and not all of us knew what we were getting into

    • Ajax says:

      The only thing he did wrong was pimp on underage girls. That’s it. That’s the only part I don’t respect. As far as him being a monster and all. So what. He was a Pimp. What the hell do you expect? A choirboy? I always looked up to him til I found out about him terrorizing little girls. He should have waited til they turned 18. Gorilla pimps brutalize women, but there are also smooth intelligent pimps out there that get $1,000 a day from a ho without even touching them. Those are the ones I respect more. It’s an Art & a Science.

  11. Boss Player says:

    If what he is accused of is true then he is wrong and he gives the Game another black eye. You don’t have to be brutal to get a ho to pay you or respect you that isn’t the Game or no real ism. You also don’t have to Pimp on underage girls they are milions of women 18 and older. Leave the underage girls alone. Keep force and violence out of it.

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