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Can I Live??? Another Shooting Victim in Milwaukee

February 2, 2010 Front Page 18 Comments


Everyday we hear about another senseless act of violence and as the numbers increase we become numb to it. But with cause comes effect and when we lose an enemy, someone else loses a friend or in this case a brother, son and father.

Jordan Larson, 19, a former student at Rufus King High School, enrolled in UWM, was found shot in the back of his grandmother’s house on Milwaukee’s Northside on the morning of February, 1st with a bullet wound to the head and back. With no leads or suspects, you can’t help but wonder the cause of such a sudden death to a young man whose future seemed so promising. Was this an act motivated by money? Was there bad blood between Jordan and the unknown assailant? Although, its too early know, these are definitely the signs of an unsolved mystery but with the help of the community, we can gather enough information to bring closure to the case and most importantly the family.

An occurrence like this is, unfortunately, so common and can easily go unnoticed. Its hard to stomach, but the family of rising star Lavelle Felton is still searching for the person guilty of murdering their son, brother, cousin and friend. That was August 12, 2009 and there’s still no justice. Milwaukee’s music community is still mourning the lost of Koo Laid and Lala Brown two and a half years ago. With a large number of homicides in between, what is our attitude towards death? It seems as if life is as easy to start as it is to end, given the amount of teen parents and teen deaths. The question is, are we shrugging our shoulders at life? Such a gesture symbolizes how weak we’ve become and how low our standards are for each other.

Milwaukee, obviously, has a serious problem with coexistence.

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  1. Inglish Grover says:

    I so agree with the idea that we as people have become to think so low of life that we take it upon our selves to end it. I believe that there is so much depression in our communities that people have come to not care about themselves or anyone else and there then comes the anger. I believe there needs to be programs available to children to enlighten them on how to become positive influences in their communities and for themselves.

  2. Cherish Butler says:

    Jordan Larson is my cousin. We are all in disbelief and cant imagine why someone would want to take his life. This is an extremely sad and tragic situation and I hope the people who did this to him get what they deserve. [ Jordan, I hope your soul is at peace. And you will forever be in our hearts. ]

  3. Jayme says:

    We have to bring love back. Love for self and your fellow man. We are being tricked to think that the enemy is our brothers and sisters or the government. The enemy is ourselves. To change the situation, it must begin within first. From there, the “I” should change to “we” in order to figure out how to coexist in peace and love. If shit doesn’t change, the only people to blame is ourselves. We are the chosen ones. And we need to start acting like it by walking in the power we have.

  4. Biko Baker says:

    stop the violence with peace need love,

  5. Jordan Larson is my grandson. He, since a child always wanted to help others. He was going to be a teacher. He embraced all people always to help anyone less fortunate than himself. Jordan did not own a pet, but carried a 50lb bag of dog food to feed the strays this winter on campus and in his own neighborhood. Jordan had A loving heart. God and family were his motto. GOD help us all.

  6. Samantha says:

    Rest in Peace Jordan…everyone loves you and we all miss you sweetheart!

  7. Langston Warhall says:

    This shyt is gettin outta hand/ the place that I stand houses the grand/ but living in this land kinda hard for a man/ especially when the cards in your hand ain’t planned damn/ it ain’t about shakin hands/ more less just respect our fellow man! Damn!!!! Can I live!!!!!!

  8. BlanQ says:

    It really is sad to see the world at the type of place it’s in given what age we’re living in. You’d think people would realize killing others doesn’t solve anything, it just continues the cycle.

  9. Patricia says:

    I know the family of this young man. His parents are wonderful people and Jordan did not deserve this. I hope justice is served in this and all the other unsolved cases.

    May Jordan rest in peace and his family find comfort in knowing he is in a much better place.

  10. Katie NAsh says:

    Man the world we living in is so crazy. This is not how he was suppose to die. He was so young. I’m going to miss you Jordan.

  11. Crux Holmes says:

    This is a sign that we as a people need to be aware of our surroundings. Things can happen out of nowhere and life is something so short and precious we need to appreciate the ones close to us while they are there. My sympathy goes out to the people who lost Jordan rest in peace and God be with yo.

  12. Raquel Chesir says:

    Man its really crazy how things happen. I remember meeting Jordan in the summer of 04 and now he’s gone. Man it feels like a dream. I dont know what to say. RIP J.L. Love ya Bruh!!!

  13. Amy Floryance says:

    I work with Jodi, Jordan’s mom, at Heartland and she always speaks very highly of her family. That is why I cannot even fathom something like happening to a family who seems so close-knit. I lost several friends very young and to tragic circumstances, but never to something as senseless as this. From what it sounds like from everyone that knew him, Jordan was an exceptional person. May God always be with his family and friends and may all of the good that he did in his short life be Jordan Larson’s legacy. I’m praying for all of you!

  14. Jodi says:

    I was one of the nurses taking care of Jordan/family. You are a wonderful group of people and what you did to honor Jordan was so wonderful. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. You have a piece of his soul in that beautiful baby!!

  15. Angelina Jolieezy says:

    When I heard news of Jordan being murdered, it broke my heart to know another cherished young life has been cut short at its prime. I am friends with his brother Adam and I have always admired the strong bond that this family shares, you can tell that they truly love and value one another, my prayers go out to them during this hard time and I pray that continue to stay strong for one another. This was a cold senseless act of violence, something that has become all to familiar in our community.

  16. Kevin says:

    Jordan was a loving person. Since the first day I met him he was cool and acted as a ‘big brother’ figure to me. Jordan and his brother Noah always looked out for me.
    Rest in peace big bro.

  17. Dukalion says:

    Maaaan…. I’m hurt when I think about the many tragedies we have in this city. I never knew the brother, but Ik I’ve seen him around being that we’re the same age and went to rival High Schools, and to know that someone in a sense was so close could be affected by such senseless acts of violence. And @ the same time, Shakes was right b/c we have been numbed in this society to deaths and different atrocities that happen in the world. It’s unfortunate that this is just everyday convo for the average citizen of an urban area. We def. need to make a change, and it only takes one person to change and think/ do different to influence the right people. My love/ support/ prayers go out to Jordan, his family, and his friends.

  18. dyminn taylor says:

    we miss yu so much.hope yu were here with us.your baby is doing so good.r.i.p lil one love yu

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