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WTF is Chris Brown thinking?!

April 22, 2010 Culture, Featured Artist, Music, Problems 25 Comments

I’m not gonna lie, I have been really been praying for Chris Brown. I mean, it’s never alright to beat the dog poop out of your girlfriend. But I also think people, especially young people who are exploited by record companies, should be given an opportunity to move past their mistakes.

But I am starting to get worried about Young Breezy. Somebody needs to get in this dude’s ear and tell him that he needs slow his roll. First, he has no business rapping and secondly he has no business rapping about sleeping with models. (WTF is he thinking!?) It’s almost like he’s forgotten that little girls all over the world had their heart broken a year or so ago.

And I hope he isn’t trying to reinvent himself in the image of Young Money. Because I tell you what, Lil Weezy’s pimp, I mean daddy, Baby isn’t the type of male influence he needs around him as he tries to rebuild his career and life.

I thought he was on the right track after listening to his new album, because he seems to have really poured out his heart on several songs, including “Crawl.” But the song after the jump is ridiculous. It’s like he has completely given up on trying to “grow” past his mistakes.

Breezy, listen up. Your biggest fans will always be women. Stop with the super machismo thing. Your not ever going to win back their trust if you make misogynistic rap tunes with Tyga. Toughen up, dig deep, and continue to grow. You are too talented to be doing this type of nonsense.

check the video after the jump.

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  1. NISHA says:


  2. Biko Baker says:

    check out breezy’s feet. he’s got on two different shoes on his feet. doing way too much.

  3. Hallie says:

    Yeah, Biko, this song is like the OPPOSITE of why I would want to listen to Chris Brown. He’s “not taking her to dinner”?!? Gotta play to his strengths.

  4. Shalanda says:

    I completely agree with you on this one and I too am a devout Breezy fan.

    The mixtapes aren’t putting money in his pocket, bottom line. And I also highly doubt it’s doing much to put him back on the map or repairing his image. I’m glad he’s “having fun” with his friends, but I think his efforts would probably be better used elsewhere. It’s not selling any Graffiti records and even though it does show a different side of him it’s not really showcasing his real talent. I’m critical of most rap in general though so that’s probably that part of me speaking, mainstream “rap” is very empty and meaningless and that’s what some of this reminds me of (yes, I’m “one of those” in regards to rap vs real hip hop LOL). Ballads and dancing are what earned him the label as “Prince of R&B,” not rapping, swearing, etc. If he’s serious about getting back on top, his #1 focus needs to be Graffiti and repairing his image. And quite honestly, I don’t think the demographic of people who tend to listen to mixtapes are really checking for R&B mixtapes….unless they’re on the market to be sold (i.e. Trey Songz mix, but even with that he stuck to what he’s known for and used it as a springboard for his album.) I mean, at least SELL the mixtape this time….please. In My Zone could have easily been an album, with the exception of a few songs. Making different career moves is fine, but I pray he makes the right ones here. Each career decision he makes from this point forward will be critical in his career bouncing back, he has to understand that.

    I swear, it’s like there’s no one giving him direction, like his label is giving up on him or something. I’m not understanding the lack of promotion, advertising, music videos, etc for this album. Graffiti is a SOLID CD, but the fans and him Twittering/Ustreaming can’t be the only sources of advertisement.

  5. Qi Nur says:

    Uh, yeah this kid felt sorry for a hot minute.

    The song, yeah some lil 12 year old girls that are already use to being mistreated will love it, and anyone else to is eating off him.
    I don’t think the kid can really “recover” from this….

  6. Shalanda says:

    @ Qi Nur – I don’t think this ONE song is supposed to be a reflection of how “sorry” he is, I simply think this just boils down to not making the wisest career decisions. I understand that he’s under a higher degree of scrunity, but let’s not be ridiculous. For people who constantly harp on how unapolegtic he is, what exactly would you like him to do? I think the steps he’s currently taking are sufficient. Are you expecting him to always look depressed or like he is about to slit his wrists?

    I just find it so funny that the same people who are so critical of him will support Juelz Santana, Big Pun, Jay-Z, BeBe Winians, Allen Iverson, Charlie Sheen, etc. All of these men have placed their hands on women before and yet the public eye still supported them and their craft…and some of these men were habitual offenders. I mean, Jay-Z has a video on youtube showing him putting his hands on a woman and people appauld him but bash Chris Brown. That’s the part I have a hard time wrapping my mind around, the logic behind that I guess.

  7. jubria says:

    i think chris brown really didint mean to hit rihanna but she had no rite messing with him at all. and going though his phone like that i think thats meseed up 4 wat rihanna did to my baby chris brown i still loue you chris brown

  8. MONKEE says:


  9. eloussa joseph says:

    im not sayn what he did was not wrong but it takes two people to fight. now chris brown is a nice caring and sexy dude with an amazng voice and i dont think that he would just wake up one day and decide to pop rihanna’s lip or wateva but all im sayn is dat he’s been threw alot of bullshit abd she just over there relaxn n shit wit dude after dude and brezzy has learned his lesson …and all he need to do is wen all des haterz hatin i quote ‘chuck up da dueces ‘and holla on sum dats more important his CAREER u feel me and now i feel fo rihanna but i also feel fo chirs brown you know and if ma really would of told what she had to do in her part to get that predicament atarted ya feel me and thats all i have to say ‘DUECES” ;-)

  10. jamie says:

    I think that people are taking it to far with what hapend.

  11. unknown says:

    Look I’m a women and I understand that what he is saying isn’t right why worry about him he is on his grown and sex right now he is 21 he is too old for those young girls to begin with so just let him live his life like he wants to and if its such a problem then tell the young girls not to listen to him anymore

  12. LEIGH says:


  13. ahkea says:

    whoeva wrote dis F@*k u i mean he is grown he,s 21 hello and + he can rap so he should express dat

  14. I feel what some of you are saying and you’re right i will always love chris brown no matter what but i’m with ya’ll on he needs to come back to chris because i have young granddaughters who love him to and i want to here more of the old chris just a little more mature in attitude, i mean boo you got and you don’t have to try to reinvent your talent or your features with all the tattooes you are handsome, and fine as hell just the way you are this boo from your 47 yr. old olddest # 1 fan and keep making movies because your a great actor as well and i love seeing you on big screen as well as in concert stay strong my beautiful black brother i’m praying for you and i know GOD will pull you through and you will go far much luv boo sexyeh!!!!!!

  15. dynasty rena says:

    i think your wrong about chris. i like breezy music and i think he can rap. somebody need to get on rihanna ass cause i no the boy ain’t just nutt-up for no reason.you go have to get off breezy cause no matter how the haters feel he’ll be around for years to come.

  16. Indya says:

    Yeah I do not agree. I mean I’m not saying he was right for hitting rihanna but if it was me i might have done the same thing. she had it coming. anyway..Chris is just doing what he needs to do business wise. He’s a grown man who is interested in grown man things. He obviously isn’t worried about the little 12 year old girls. People including myself still love chris. He knows that rapping isn’t normal and he knows that we know its not normal, therefore he knows that we the fans will be curious about hearing his new sound. Chris will be fine.

  17. i love no matter what you decide to do i have faith that you will grow and figure it all out on your own all you need is prayer!!!!!

  18. zuricollins says:


  19. ne'veiah says:

    do yo thang chris you to sexy dont worry youll be okay just stay doin wat u doin and dont worry about the haters

    • Alexandra says:

      FREE-zy!!! I can honestly say 106 is not a stplae in my tv viewing like it was when you and AJ were hosting. But I definitely still respect it for what it was/is/and can be. Glad I found out about your posting this up on your site, because I missed the airing.Was glad to finally hear about the real reason behind you and AJ leaving. Because that definitely was a shock to the system, even still to this day. Personally I feel like the viewers of the 10 years and counting show were victims of editing. Because it just seemed like there was more that each of you said when answering that question. But I’ll take what you two gave.Here’s to all the best, to all parties involved. I’ll always support and be a fan of anything you do lady.

  20. natasha says:

    i think u people should leave chris alone everybody is all on him someone need to get on rhianna’s ass too i will always love my breezy no matter wat he can sing he has a great body very sexy and guess wat?he can rap too so all u haters get off him ok.

  21. Sassy says:

    Lol this video is halarious, it just doesn’t look natural for him, looks like he is trying to fit in. Even his dancing looks silly and usually that’s on point. Chris you are a home grown country va mommas boy not a thug. Sit yourself down somwhere, now that’s just my opinion about the video. However, he did say in his interview he is trying to reach out to his entire fan base these days and do different things. Way to go Chris this is different. By the way that sexy little Tiger did his thing on his verse big ups to that; the best part of the video. I love some of Chris’s new music, “Dueces”, “Look at me now” as well as some of the other tracks but he reminds me of Rihanna some of his songs sound like rock n rollish kind of pop like. I mean I think at the end of the day it’s all about making the money. I agree what happened was in the past so it’s time to move on. Why people are still discussing details of him and Rihanna I don’t know because both of them have somewhat moved on and are trying to move on. So please drop that old news. As far as how you feel about him as a person it’s all good to each his own have your own opinion but at the end of the day he has to live with himself and we should be lifting him up in prayer instead of throwing stones. Nobody is perfect and I don’t agree with what happened but niether you, I, he or she was there so who are we really to comment. Do we even know if what was reported was all accurate? Quite honestly, Rihanna seems to be having her share of issues as well. Mouthing off to minister Louis Farahkan and everyone of her videos looking more satanic by the minute. In addition to not being able to sell concert tickets. Let’s not put either one of these two on a special pedestal. Let’s look at them for who they are; two young worldy people not representing christ (which means we should expect to hear any and everything about them) Why wouldn’t their lives be in turm oil if we regular day to day people struggle with attacks from evil are they immune? I think not! They are probably more-so a target because of their fame and fortune. They are human beings that commit sin, make mistakes just like you and I.

    If he molested a child I would be a lot more concerned because children are innocent in this world. However, these two are adults and most relationships with violence show warning signs before the violence occurs.

    Ask yourself are you a Chris Brown fan do you like his music if so support him; not his personal life If not keep quite and don’t buy the albums. …

    Now moving right along!

  22. Crunk_life82 says:

    This foo aint got no business in the business, after his stunt on his gf he should be flippin burgers like others with his rep.

  23. TeaTea says:

    You know everyone can sit here and point fingers but he is human we all are gonna make mistakes. Dont no one what really happened with him and Rihanna we just know she was beaten real bad. You make Chris feel bad because of a song…What is that ..So Pretty Ricky and Keith can do it but he cant. For one Chris Brown is a grown behind man if he feel like rapping about sleeping with models…he can do that…These little girls cant look up to a rapper, singer, nor any type of music producer for advice. Chris Brown didnt get put into the music business because of his respect….He got placedin because he is good looking and can sing very well. Everyone let Chris be him because at the end of the day he is dealing with evrything not me or you…or anyone else for that matter

  24. rissa says:

    i disagree ..i think its his choice n if his mom dnt got a problem w/ it nobodyy else should . i am a fan of chrisbrown and when pple tlk about wht he should do and wht he shouldnt , i think its his choice not yours .
    #speakin my mindd (:

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