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from Headcount.org: Is Forever 21 Normalizing Teen Pregnancy?

July 22, 2010 Front Page 1 Comment

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One teen blogger is “freaking pissed” over retailer Forever 21’s recently launched maternity line–marketed specifically in states with the highest teen pregnancy rates. Julie Z. writes, “Having a clothing line specified for teen pregnancy brings the normalization to an all time high, and capitalizing on this ‘phenomenon’ is gross. Now we don’t even have to give up fashion to be a mommy, not to mention that every time we go into that store we are again hit with the idea ‘teen pregnancy is just not that big a deal.'”

Julie Z., understandably, has her own (hilariously described) motivations for waiting to have children, but does that mean that she (or anyone) should be calling another girl’s choice “gross?” Because choice is really what this should be about, right? Reproductive rights advocates work tirelessly to protect unfettered access to birth control, abortion services, and education about both so that teenage and adult women can educate themselves about their options, so they can choose the best one available.

Although she says she’s not denouncing teen-mothers, “(they shouldn’t be written off from society just because they have kids, y’hear?),” Julie Z. seems to be arguing that teen mothers shouldn’t have access to the hottest sweat-shop produced fashions from Forever 21 by virtue of their burgeoning belly.

What do you think–is Forever 21’s new line evilly and opportunistically fueling unrealistic fantasies of teen-motherhood or simply offering another fit option that now, thanks to years of abstinence-only education, is in high demand?

Thanks Headcount.

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  1. Ashley Neville says:

    This article was very interesting, only because I have recently went to Forever 21 and have seen the new line of fashion for pregnant females. I can honestly agree that I can understand both sides of view. It’ sone of those things you have to really go back and forth about. Im 25 and I wouldnt buy maternity clothes from Forever 21, but females 24 and younger might be all aboard for these new maternity fashions!!! Ladies just make wise decisions when it comes to sex, and pregnancy, and remember you only can be young once, so wait as long as possible to have children. Live your life to the fullest!!!!

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