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Racism in 2010 and Beyond

July 22, 2010 Front Page, Problems 26 Comments

Many people have experienced racism first-hand. Prejudice can be defined as thinking that a race is better than any other race. The issue with racism today is that it is still present. We are faced with racism everyday and it eventually leads to discrimination and social profiling.

Racism is a word that’s conditioned. Racism has existed for centuries. Racism can’t be traced back through the generations, though we know that racism has always been imposed upon those that were different than the majority. Many people are sensitive when the topic is race, gender, cultural groups, etc… This is a condition that has plagued races of all kind.

We need to increase awareness about racism and demonstrate to the public that racism is far from being over. Racism is just disregarded.  I’m developing a plan that embraces acquiring a group of diverse individuals to promote diversity and inform the public about discrimination and racial profiling. We will contract advertisement personnel to start distributing ads of public announcements. I intend to invite individuals to attend workshops and seminars that are geared toward increasing awareness.

Discrimination is a recurring issue, and I believe that it is the main contributor of social problems in the world today. In the future, changing individual conscious feelings and insights about racism is essential to social empowerment.

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  1. trevore says:

    this is a good article it is so true

  2. Ikei'Lah says:

    i think its crazy how racisim is still going around this very day , and i agree with this artical 100%..,and i also wanna say just because you are black does not mean that you still have to be put down by “The Man” ! i mean as a young african american women , i realised that i may have to work 10x’s harder in this world to make it..and i say to all young black people to stay in school , and sense the man only think that you not going to make it then , shouldnt you prove him different and do the best you can in this life ? i mean look at it this way its 2011 and we have a black president , so appearently that means we can do anything we put are mind to nomatter whats the obsticals..,and like the great M.L.K once said “i have a dream that all young black and white kids can grow togther as one”..Now we have that opurtunity so we should be saying “i have a dream that one day all african american and any other riase that feels put down by “The Man” can do anything they put their minds to it nomatter whats the obstical or nomatter what “The Man” thinks of them…

  3. Jesse says:

    This is a good article, but you stated “Racism cant’t be traced back through the generations.” I would have to disagree with that statement because it can be traced back to Biblical times. So this must mean that it has existed since the beginning of time.

  4. Free Republic says:

    To fully understand the conclusion. You must understand what has transpired.

    “Black people really don’t matter in San Francisco. It’s what this generation of political leadership inherited,” says Chuck Collins, president of the YMCA of San Francisco. “There’s been a very uneasy truce with the black population.” USA Today 8/28/2007.

    The task force “ought to study what’s wrong with the white power structure, why they can’t be responsive to the African-American community,” says Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church and president of the local NAACP chapter. “They didn’t need us anymore.” USA Today 8/28/2007.

    Much of the blame has been placed on the Redevelopment Agency, which intentionally drove black families and businesses from the Fillmore district in the 1960s and 1970s. S.F. Gate 2008.

    Much of the anger was placed on Lennar Corp., the developer building 1,600 houses at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Residents say they are being pushed out, so the city can gentrify the area that is the last black neighborhood. S.F. Gate 2008.

    As in other cities across the country, San Francisco’s Black communities became the focus of massive urban renewal programs spanning from the late 1940s through the 1970s. In the city’s predominantly Black Fillmore district, a total of 4,729 businesses, 2,500 households and 883 Victorian homes were demolished to make room for government-owned housing and commercial businesses. Ed Donaldson, WireTap Magazine 2009.

    Yet the hemorrhaging has continued. Jamilah King, WireTap Magazine 2009.

    No US city has seen a more rapid decline of its African-American population. By Michael B. Farrell, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / June 15, 2009. The Christian Science Monitor today is more progressive in this area than the city and county of San Francisco?

    Staying: John William Templeton, a historian, stands in San Francisco’s Alamo Park. He and others say economic exclusion has contributed to a declining African-American population. Christian Science Monitor / June 15, 2009.

    San Francisco deserts its black population: City Hall report on San Francisco’s Black Counter-Migration. Poor Magqzine, 06 Jully 2010.

    …..San Francisco’s once vibrant African-American population has been dropping for decades. Joel Kotkin, Welcome to Ecotopa, February 22, 2010.

    June Jordan School of Equity article. 2011/05/29. http://jjse.org/about/school-profile-2/

    According to newly released 2010 Census figures, San Francisco’s total population grew by 3.7 percent to 805,235 in the past decade, the Asian and Latino populations each swelled by 11 percent, the white population shrank by 12.5 percent—and the black population shrank by 22.6 percent. San Francisco Bay Guardian. Posted by Lucretia Snapples on Mar. 11, 2011.

    Claudette Colvin (b, September 5, 1939) is an African American woman from Alabama. In 1955, at the age of 15, she refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus to a white person, in violation of local law. Her arrest preceded civil rights activist Rosa Parks on (December 1, 1955) by nine months. She stated that, the change since that time has been mostly cosmetic, the feelings are overall still the same. The outcome of what is happening concerning the black population in San Francisco is confirming of her statement.

    Cosmetic change all you want. It is of the greatest importance that those hit by this the hardest, maintain accurate paper and internet records, use every social media outlet at your disposal. Making it will be very easy for anyone to know the real truth about San Francisco concerning African Americans. The political structure can say whatever it wants, it is all a smokescreen. The truth lies in the results. And concerning the black population in the city and county of San Francisco, the truth is this. Here we are in 2011, with the city and county of San Francisco, in attitude concerning this matter, moving quickly in the direction of Mississippi, 1925.

    What also must be considered and acknowledged, is the role the African American community has played in this incident, and who the African American major participants, intentionally, knowingly and willingly were and are. This must be highly recognized, not dwelt on or lived in.

    What must happen. We will have our own schools that are not designed to re-produce ignorance, obedience, helpless docility, fear, and hate. Not out of hatred for any group. This is out of necessity. Working together with those who understand, respect, and live this idea and ideal of building communities where (we) are welcome not tolerated. (We) meaning all individuals with a Freedom Rider mentality of togetherness, regardless of orientation.

    This can not be done, working in conjunction with the city and country of San Francisco. The results of doing so have spoken, very loud, and very clear. There is a great need for the establishment of Freedom Schools, right here in the city and county of San Francisco.

    The People’s Republic Of America

  5. Natalie Nunez says:


  6. jasmine says:

    i think racism is so pointless. Why would anyone think they are better than anyone else. Our Constitution makes it clear that people of all races must be treated equally under the law! Why are people soooo stupid?

  7. Nathalie says:

    This is a great article. I agree with you that racism is the main contributor to social problems in the world today, but I would add that it’s the main contributor of economic, political, ecological, religious, etc problems!

    There are groups of people in the world who hold power based on nothing other than the color of their skin. They don’t want to give up this power, so they do anything & everything they can to hold everyone else down. This would include laws that are passed, business deals that are made, opinions that are spread through the media, etc.

    The best tool so far has been to declare that we are a “post-racial” society after the election of Barack Obama.

    • M. Quinn says:

      I encourage you to support my campaign to incorporate a comprehensive study of racism into the American educational system as a core curriculum, by writing your local and state representatives; the dept. of education in your state; and also by the Attorney General at the US Justice Department, and President Barack Obama expressing your ewriting ndorsement of this endeavor. “United We Stand”. – M. Quinn

  8. Gary Muhammad says:

    There comes a time when a people need to sever the ties that bind them to another people, especially when there is no freedom, no justice, and no equality. I believe that the country called the United States of America was founded on the principle of privilege, and that privilege was (and still is) based upon the color of ones skin. If you wear the right skin, then you can capitalize on the opportunities this country has to offer to its fullest, while if you wear the wrong skin, then you are permanently relegated to second class citizenship. I understand the dynamic, and I don’t have a problem with white people wanting to be among themselves; that is natural. My problem is, if you want to be among yourselves, then why go among a people who don’t look like you and destroy them, then enslave them. It’s almost like you need to make someone your inferior so that you can feel superior. That need to feel superior causes whites to mistreat other people, kill other people, steal from other people, lie to and deceive other people. The whites that don’t outwardly express this condition of the mind are constantly trying to reconcile their existence among those who suffer from the mind of white supremacy while at the same time enjoying the benefits of being white. These whites are, in essence, an apologist for a system of injustice, for if they were any better, they would be fighting to expose, and put an end to, the mind of white supremacy among their own brethren. The mind of white supremacy is the cause of 100% of the worlds problems; people believing themselves to be better than non-whites to the point of placing zero value on the lives of those who are non-white, which allows whites to justify ill treatment of non-whites. Anything that has zero value to an individual is generally discarded or set aside, and that is exactly how Europeans have acted towards the non-white nations of the Earth. This is historical fact. The pressing question that must be asked today is, is it possible to reform the mind of a whole race of people who believe themselves to be superior to all other races? Personally, I have no desire of trying to find out, for it would only be a valuable waste of time. The best option is to let those whites who believe themselves to be better than non-whites be to themselves; separate from them, once and for all. This will allow them to feel superior among themselves, which is where such a depraved mindset belongs. People with that kind of mindset should not be in authority over those who, in their own white minds, are less valuable, or less of a human being than they are. Until non-whites get the courage to separate themselves from such an insidious mindset, they will continue to be relegated to an inferior position by those in authority over them. To remain in an inferior position any longer only strengthens the mind of the white supremacy practitioners in their belief of superiority. I ask the non-whites who read my comments this question? Haven’t you had enough?

    • Brandon says:

      I agree with racism being a problem. I am a white male and have witnessed racism many times growing up in a rural mostly white community. But through my personal experience and my career experience, I find that usually people of color are the ones so quick to bring up racism and claim it as an excuse. I cannot count how many times I have said something, or asked someone to do something (as my job required) and been asked “Why do you always ask me, is it because I’m black.” Then I have to defend the respect that it was either just at random I picked them or they were the best person for the job.

      I treat everyone equally and still hold no grudges to anyone of any race. I have even been racially discriminated against myself based completely on the color of my skin.

      The media and its framework has changed. Today, the minority controls fashion, music, and politics. My closest friends belong to the minority and are all very successful. I believe that education is the key to getting over racism as well as building positive relationships on the individual level with races different from oneself. Bringing this into the education system may solve the issue, but most likely will only inflate the issue and make it worse.

      There is racism in every race. I find that racism is more prominent in poverty stricken and low income areas. These areas are usually rampant with poor education (not from schools but from lack of support from parents and peers) and ignorance ( ex. My mother hates Mexicans, I should, too). Education them further on racism I feel will make the problem worse especially where racism is rampant already. It has to come through example. The parents, teachers, peers, and others involved intimately in a persons life have to show the lack of racism in their actions and their fairness. It will not exterminate racism because ignorance will always exist. But it would be a good start.

      Again this is just an opinion and that is all. The fact that we are even discussing racism is in fact promoting it. I think that Morgan Freeman said it best in an interview about black history month. I am sure that you can find it on the internet. That is the solution to racism in my opinion.

      • Brandon says:

        Oh yea, I saw I made a mistake and said Education instead of Educating.

        In response to all the white supremacy in the article before mine, WOW man, WOW. So it is one race’s extremists that is the problem. Think about this, your hate and blame on this one group of people based solely on their “religious” choice is also discriminatory. Like so many religions and cultures, certain races tend to dominate certain religions. And white supremacy, though I believe is wrong, but not the cause of the problems described, is a religion that is dominated by white people just like the KKK. These two “religions” and belief structures are wrong on so many levels, but that is their right to believe that. Quite frankly speaking, these groups are very small and most people outside the group are not influenced by them unless you have to deal with the people directly in person which less face it, it is extremely rare. I have never run into any white supremacy activists or KKK members in all my travels. To place all the blame on one set of people because of their beliefs is as wrong as racism itself. This would be like blaming our financial difficulties on the fact that those who control the world’s finances believe in God. You cannot blame all of racism on a small problem that has only a local and small following.

        I am not defending their actions. They are as wrong as it gets and are extremists. I am looking at a bigger picture of racism. It is everyone fault on every side.

  9. alex dorris says:

    racism is a bad thing!!! people cant help what color they are….

    • Sadie Hill says:

      Can someone please help me? I have been up for 4 hours trying to find org. that can help my son. I am a single mom with two bi-racial sons. My oldest is in high school. He is being called “N” to his face every single day, at least twice a day. I have gone to the principal and he didn’t care. I am going back tomorrow. My son said the situation today was the worst. 15 plus kids ralleyd (idk how to spell and right now don’t care-sorry) around calling him “N” and asking what he was going to do about it. I could put countless examples, but just don’t have the energy. I am scared to death for my sons safety. I just moved to this horrific town about 4 months ago. I can’t tell you all the horrible things we’ve already gone through, but for me to have to worry about my sons safety has me about to snap.

      • felicia says:

        saddie hill, i am a white female, but it angers me how anyone could dareto think of themselvs to be better then somebody else just because they have a different skin color. what those kids have done to your son is technically illegal, considering “all men are created equal”. if i were you, i would straight up write to the president about it. i know he probably wont read it or write back himself, and if thats the case, and nobody does anything about it, call the cops and ask if they can have someone watch out for your son at the school. be sure to explain the whole situation, and if that doesnt work, i would take a trip to the white house myself and demand that those kids get reprimanded and that we get some serious work done about racism to end it once and for all. of course, before taking any serious action, you should call up those kids’parents and discuss th whole situation, including what you plan to do if their behavior doesnt end.

  10. George says:

    It is good to see that someone is not just writing about how bad racism is, but also actually making actions in progression to end it. As a white male iving in Milwaukee, I see some of the most segregation in the world, and it is not getting any better. The only real progression the world has made in anti-racism is that people just do not acknowledge the issue directly anymore. It is apparent that people still have racist thoughts all the time, and some people even take to the extent where they actually promote racism. It’s disturbing and the only way to stop it starts with us. Sometimes i feel like the county that i live in is racially divided. Racism still exists today and ignoring it is not going to help anyone. We all need to take into account that racism is everywhere, and make actions similiar to Ashley.

  11. Wes Freeman says:

    To start cleaning up racism, you would have to send eric holder to federal prison for treason, for giving weapons to the mexican cartels to kill americans so he and his partner in crime barack obama can use that as an excuse to take america’s guns away. It might have worked if they had not been so stupid. holder is an avowed racist and has no business living in our soceity.

  12. Omari Hawkins says:

    i think this article speaks truth as a young black male in white america it is hard for me to acomplish goals with that one eye staring at me.

    • jaden says:

      life is a great thing and that someone would degrade some one like that is a horrific thing and i am white but one of my best friends is colored and to think that some one would say that about my friend that would be horible and would kill me people should not judge them for there skin color they should judge them by the act of there owne person

  13. Shaq McCullough says:

    I totally agree with you on this article. Racism is still in this world, and it really needs to quit because it’s beginning to be real stupid. We just need to overcome racism and make world peace.

  14. antonese says:

    this is crazy espicaaly reminds me of the story of treyvon martin that was sorry and so is this

  15. Danyaal Hudson says:

    I agree that through awareness we can change the outlook of one race being superior to another. That we as Americans shoukld accept all people no matter their race, gender, sexual prefrence. in the words of Dr. King we should judge ppl by the content of their character not the color of thier skin.

  16. Deidra says:

    This is terrible that racism is still around in today’s world is this something that we want are kids to be like. Who gives us the right to judge a person by their race,gender or culture. An example in the Declaration of Independence it states “all men are created equal”. So is this really true I think not people believe that race effects work so if your a certain race you may not get the job. Or even in school people’s race will effect what the teachers think of them and when it comes time for college. They tell the students that they should just go to a community college because of where they may come from. No one can choose their skin color or race. A different color skin doesn’t mean that other people are better. We are all humans all and should be treated equally.

  17. Sammy says:

    First of all i have a boyfriend who is black and he is going to be famous he wants to be a rapper he is amazing and i love him more then anything and racism NEEDS to end now its rediculous that we have to treat them different just cuz of there color? they are people too. i will do anything for him and yes im white but who cares we are in love..

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