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Student Arrested For Stealing Chicken Nuggets!!

July 16, 2010 Front Page No Comments

I mean that’s all it is, fake chicken. Admit it…you like ‘em!! But maybe not as much as the kid that got extra nuggets during lunch at Shorewood High in Milwaukee. Adam Hernandez is his name. They busted him in the line for trying to get sauce after being recognized as a two-time nugget recipient. And get this, the cops showed up. If you’re assuming the kid used a firearm and held the lunch ladies hostage, you have an imagination like mine, but you’re wrong. This isn’t even that type of story.

Shorewood is a suburb in Milwaukee, WI and if you attend their school or live in their village, consider yourself to be privileged. So, I’ll be bold and say that this would’ve been looked at as a Zack Morris prank had it been one of the familiar faces that reside in the Village of Shorewood. But, Adam Hernandez is more-like A.C. Slater than Zack Morris. That’s right, he is a person of color. Either way, being a student and stealing food from a school that is supposed to be a safe haven for you is as much as a crime as stealing napkins at McDonalds. At least that’s my opinon.

Adam will stand trial for theft charges next Tuesday, July 20th at the Shorewood Village Hall, 3930 N. Murray Ave.

A rally of support for Adam will occur before the trial on Tuesday, July 20th. The rally begins at 4:30pm and the trial begins at 5:30pm. Please join Adam’s family and community members to voice support for Adam and to encourage the Shorewood School District to not abandon its children by pipelining them into the criminal justice system. The school to prison pipeline must be broken.


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