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I remember this phenomenal verse to the Grammy Family freestyle Jay ripped a while back on Hot 97 but I just don’t remember it ever being released as a song. I know you remember it too! If you’re like me, you were wondering where the hell it came from and then where the hell did it go…Well, here it is!!! Jay-Z – Most Kingz (Feat. Chris Martin) HQ

And don’t be a hater and get mad because it wasn’t a real off the dome freestyle….it’s still lyricism at its finest!!!

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Everyday Struggle

Check out the new release, ‘Everyday Struggle’ from Faith Evans new project ‘Something About Faith’ which debuts October 5th. It contains a sample from her ex-husband’s song also entitled ‘Everyday Struggle’ which was featured on his Ready To Die album. Shouts out to Raekwon for the assist and Dave Grusin who created the original version!

Click the bold link at the top for audio

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Hipsters Win for Mississippi Racial Equality

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What you’re looking at is a copy of a letter sent home to Nettleton, Mississippi Middle School students outlining the requirements for holding Class Office. The discerning reader will instantly notice that each office for grades 6 through 8 includes a racial requirement…and 8 of 12 offices are for whites only.

I love you Mississippi but you’re breaking my heart. Since this story popped up on Gawker (posted for the lolz / tragic self-reinforcement of the Southern stereotype), it’s gotten a lot of attention…enough to persuade the school to reverse the policy. Sick reminder of the depths of racial inequality? You betcha.  Weird reminder of the power of internet past-timery to actually catalyze real world change? Uh huh. Final nail in the coffin that holds all my hopes and dreams for my flawed and fierce, redneck’d and much vexed home state, the one I call the Dirty Dirty, the Big Sippi, the Queen of the South? Hell no! That ain’t no coffin, it’s a hot air balloon; no nail, just reckoning. And every dragging sand bag of outdated circa 1960 make that 1860 bigotry that we drop – regardless of the reason – takes us higher.  So thanks, Gawker. And to all my neighbors in Nettleton…seriously, WTF?!?

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Little Christian Girl Praying 4 Real (Hannah’s Prayer)

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Hannah is putting away childish things at a young age! Her prayer is inspirational and on point! My mother would give me away to have a good ol praying child like her lol. Everyday I find out that these kids are more amazing than we’ll give them credit. It’s a 7 minute sermon/prayer that I don’t believe is rehearsed or ‘fixed’ not to say that this young child is or isn’t capable of believing at her age. Lets just pray she doesn’t depart, when she gets older, from all her training!

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[Video] 5 Year Old Get Shot 4 Times and Survives!!!

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“The violence has got to stop” says a woman who appears to be the grandmother of the 5-year-old young man in the video after the jump. The boy recently survived a drive by shooting after being struck 4 times.

I can’t help but think of 5-year-old kids in other neighborhoods that have the same encounters and then others in other communities where that isn’t a thought so much that if it was to happen, it would just be devastating. Obviously, the news didn’t even want to cover it because they switched to Tiger Woods. Fuck Tiger Woods! He’s stealing the air time with his antics. I thought we solved that case…didn’t his girl leave? On to the next one! What about the lil homie Terrance, that could possibly grow up and be Tiger Woods if he could escape random gunfire near his residency? *wishful thinking* … Continue Reading

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