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Prop 8 Overturned

August 4, 2010 Front Page 13 Comments

According to the Twitterverse, Prop 8 has officially been overturned, on the basis that the anti-gay marriage proposition is unconstitutional. A sample from the judge’s ruling:

“Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. Indeed the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same sex couples.”

I leave you with this:


1 a (1) : a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) : a state procession b : a tour or circuit made by an official (as a judge) c : an expedition, journey, or march through a region

2 : a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) : advance

3 : gradual betterment; especially : the progressive development of humankind

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  1. Biko Baker says:

    let’s see how long this lasts before it gets appealed.

  2. HeDied4u says:

    This is what America is becoming. It is okay to teach our little boys that being sodomized their entire lives is constitutional and okay. Aren’t our teenagers confused enough already? Now they are going to feel the need to try both sides to figure out what they like. This is ridiculous! Then everybody wonders why this country is falling apart!!! Freedom to do good is great, but too much freedom to do bad is not so good. Why has it been scientifically proven that the life span of homosexuals is significantly shorter that those in normal relationships? Why? Well because it is WRONG! Why is it wrong? Well, because it is BAD for you! Everything that God tells us is wrong is not because He is trying to destroy our lives, it is because He wants to protect our lives because He cares for us!

    • Rubycantdance says:

      Marry a dog? Do dogs pay taxes?
      Gay is bad? Then outlaw the heterosexuals who make them.
      God hates fags? Then why are they so cute?

      You haters need to understand, just like the ku klux klan did, that this world is for us all, for the children coming up, and for the elderly in our care. You hav no more voice here.
      So you and your hate and your ignorance will need to go head for some nice patch of nowhere, and set those stupid self-incriminating rules for everything in your yard. Then you can watch your children leave you in disgust and shame, because the young ones don’t have all the issues you have, and they don’t hate, assault or denigrate their peers like you do, because they are smarter now than ever, unless you brain-wash them and isolate them, and still it doesn’t work most of the time.
      But they still need smart strong adults to show them the way to love and light. I guess that’ll have to be us, the open minded. You that have answered here with your poison will be left behind to seethe and simmer in the stinking dark of your ugly tiny minds.

      God is not as prejudiced as you are, and Jesus (the dark skinned socialist Jewish friend to all) hung out with everyone, and was about Peace, Love and Understanding, so using your religion to validate your hate and your therapeutic needs is a good way to get smacked when you get to those pearly gates you trust so much..
      You make me ashamed of humanity.
      But the kids give me hope for all our futures.

  3. Rights4all says:

    What this country is becoming? Ha! This country was founded on equal rights for all, granted, it took us a while to get to that point (i.e. african-american, etc) Teaching our children it’s okay for us to judge others and deny them basic rights is biggotry. I am assuming that, from your name, you are christian. Well I grew up in a christian home, and am christian today, and God not only teaches us acceptance, and love, but he also gives us spacific instructions NOT to judge others, and that is simply what we are doing by banning gay marraige. And, further more, if you don’t want your kids exposed to this kind of thing, protection starts at home. If you teach them that it’s wrong, chances are they will think its wrong in the future. It’s simply that.

  4. SpencerWu says:


    so can I marry my dog now?
    can I marry trees?

    what is to stop me from having sex with a dog because I want it?
    I HOPE you agree that a human having sex with a dog is wrong…

    if you don’t then we should discuss things outside of prop 8…

    Anyways the logic following is this…when will it stop? Perhaps allow a unity plan with the same benefits, but why does it have to be called marriage?

    Marriage is God’s gift to us humans between a man and a women, and it is beautiful.

  5. Jeff Chiacchieri says:

    Off we go the the Supreme Court to address the real issue. My interest has nothing to do with my moral beliefs or if I believe in legalizing gay marriage, this issue is a test…..just a smokescreen for the much larger issue. For the record, just as Obama, I do not endorse gay marriage. here is why:
    The ‘supreme’ issue should be about a Judge wanting to abuse the constitution to legalize gay marriage. Part of the problem one could say is communication, each side has a different definition of morality, just another detail to thicken the smoke.
    Judge Walker says:
    “the ruling struck down Proposition 8 as a violation of federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process”

    So if it’s unconstitutional to prohibit same sex marriage…. Using that same ideology it is even more unconstitutional to force this on all of society? Now, if “moral disapproval” violates constitutional rights as Judge walker stated, then isn’t he is contradicting himself? Constitutional politics is known to, and accepted to use, persuasion to initiate change. This Judge has used political coercion. He has personally, through the court, used the morality of rights from a minority, to displace the morality of consent with the entire california population. Will the supreme court follow suit?

    Every time we allow judicial review to impose judicial supremacy, to replace constitutional supremacy, we alter the constitution without public acceptance and or awareness. Rights based judicial supremacy is a slippery slope, whatever the subject matter, and in the big picture may cause more moral, social, and economic problems than it solves. Are we still a constitutional democracy? If not, and we are to evolve into something more modern should that “progress” you propose be up to the Supreme Court?
    If I remember correctly the Constitution belonges to the people! Lets see what happens?
    Jeff Chiacchieri,
    Naples Florida


  6. Rebecca says:

    Guys, God didn’t give us marriage. We gave it to ourselves. For most of history, marriage has been a business transaction between families who arranged their children’s marriages.

    Here, go make some protest signs about something productive, like this: http://www.theonion.com/video/new-law-would-ban-marriages-between-people-who-don,14401/

  7. Sean says:

    I like it when people talk about marrying dogs and trees as valid arguments against the rights of other HUMAN BEINGS. Try harder.

    In the meantime, we’ll be over here, talking about how all HUMAN BEINGS are created equal.

  8. TLS says:

    Ok, so HeDied4u: You make it sound like people want to teach children something inappropriate. Clearly you’re on crack. I’m straight and married with a nearly 4 year old daughter. She learns about sex in baby steps (which right now is merely that babies grow in tummies – fairly abstract). Addressing the issue of sex ed is highly personal and has nothing to do with gay marriage. My daughter has gay “uncles” (who live together), and “aunties”, just as she has Asian, White, Black, Indian, and even Maori family who are of blood or not. Quite frankly, she doesn’t need to know about their sex lives any more than she needs to know about anyone else’s.

    My point is that I’m teaching my kid to be a friend of good, kind, ethical people. They don’t rob banks, they are just folks. I don’t peek into their bed rooms and they don’t into mine. So I will ask the same of you.

    Regarding life span, statistically, women live longer than men. Is being a man wrong? Lots of groups statistically live longer than others. Again, your logic is faulty.

    Basically, you just want a reason to feel superior and hate. Shame on you! Jesus lived with leapers and loved everyone. You are going to H. E. double hockey sticks!

    As for you, Spencer Wu: What kind of sick individual equates a human being with a dog or a tree? You’re the kind of person who would have spit on mixed couples or denied a person a seat on a bus in the last century. You are on the wrong side of history, so shut up before you embarrass yourself further.

  9. TLS says:

    …And regarding marriage being beautiful and god given… well mine is beautiful, but then again, I married an Atheist. He’s the person I’ve met (besides my daughter) who’s behaviour is closest to Jesus/Buddha. He is kind, gentle, and patient. He takes people for what they are regardless of the superficial differences like race, color, or orientation. He walks the talk without the dogma.

    Just because my marriage is awesome, doesn’t mean all marriages are. If Gay people want the right to do something as financially stupid (tax penalties), but emotionally rewarding as getting married, I say more power to them!

    BTW, the reason the country is “falling apart” is because we little people have bought into some pretty dumb pipe dreams. “Suffer now, it’ll all be great when you die!”, “Ketchup is a vegetable!”, and “Just say NO!”.

    Maybe if we start spending more money on educating our kids instead of killing them over seas, things would make more sense. Our priorities are backasswards.

  10. I HATE GAYS says:

    Really? Straights are superior? We can make babies…….so we are superior…..ok? DONT BE GAY THEN!!! If you can marry the same sex why can’t i marry my cousin or sister or a cow!!!! AND FYI THE CHILDREN OF LESBIAN PARENTS MAY DO BETTER THAN THEIR PEERS IS THE BIGGEST BULL CRAP EVER! THEY DO WORSE!

    Some info for you people: Being gay/lesbian is 99% of the time caused by the person witnessing something life altering, like being raped or abused, therefore being gay is a DISORDER!

  11. james says:

    ok so for all of the haters of the repeal of prop 8 shut the hell up marriage isnt “god given” its man made just like the hate that you are propetuating through your selfish love-hating warmongering people like you dont seem to be happy unless you are opressing someone. yes i will have sex with a man but does that mean that i will f*** anything no so stop spreading your hate that you base off of the religion you belive must be shoved down all our throats

  12. Rachel says:

    I hope it’s okay, but I used this picture for a website I built for a class. Part of the website had to do with gay marriage. Plus, I’m from California.

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