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Today Decides The Fate For Activist Mumia Abu Jamal After Nearly Three Decades

November 9, 2010 Front Page, Power, Problems No Comments

Today there will be a hearing to decide whether or not Mumia Abu Jamal will be executed or get life in prison without parole.

The former Black panther was arrested December 9, 1981. He was later convicted of the murder of police officer David Faulkner and given the death penalty.

For nearly three decades though, the case has been appealed with the death sentence overturned for lack of evidence. Repeatedly though, prosecutors have had their eye on reinstating the execution.

Before I was born, and before my mother had even graduated from high school, Mumia Abu Jamal was just another Black man. An activist. A Panther.

Today he is a recognized journalist, author, and radio personality who has been the inspiration behind a number of hip hop songs, rallies and causes who’s fate will be decided in a courtroom.

In Philadelphia there will be rallies held on 6th and Market St. before the hearing, which is scheduled to commence at 2PM EST.

For more information visit www.freemumia.com

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