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January 6, 2011 Front Page 5 Comments

Shouts Out To Kwesi of 99P, who, just recently, composed the article, “To Beat or Not To Beat” and in keeping with the theme I wanna rant about a video that has went viral on the net of an Uncle showing his nephew tough love because he was posing as a gangsta on Facebook. This is actually something that I can relate to fore I have received a bunch of those from my uncle who spent a good deal of time in the Marines. He had a father, my grandfather, that would’ve done the same. Personally, I’m thankful to God and all of his friends for the discipline but that there wasn’t Facebook when I was a teenager.

While watching this you might’ve thought that it was funny or the uncle was being too hard on the kid. You might have even thought it was fake but in reality this is the most authentic way to discipline those who display out of control behavior such as the kind taking place on and offline. There needs to be more parental and authoritative intervention in the lives of our youth, male or female.

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  1. Nisha says:

    Now, that is an old fashion butt whooping that I believe that more kids need. It is a bid difference from a beating. I think a belt to the behind is a great form of discipline. I bet he want be on facebook posing as a gangster anymore!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Kwesi says:

    Or maybe he will just start another name under an alias and keep doing it. Maybe now that he has be publicly embarrassed he will go out and do what he was lying about doing to try and save a reputation he obviously values. Maybe he will run away from how start doing the things he claimed he was already doing and not feel the need to scream about it on facebook anymore.

    Young people have the tendency of wanting to overcome and surpass their adult role models in whatever it is the model shows them is important. It is obvious that violence is the end all in that home so what happens when the boy gets bigger and more aggressive than his uncle? Belt whoopings never worked on me because I grew upset at the person hitting me and forgot about what I did wrong, and I quickly out grew them. I now battle with my tendency to handle disagreements violently now that I am the dominate male in my family. The cycle continues and it is getting us nowhere. Lets try talking about the real issues for a change.

  3. nisha says:

    Maybe, it depends on the type of kid you are dealing with. I know when I was younger and I did something wrong and got a whooping for it, (not a beating) I bet you, I didn’t do it again. I know lots of kids who get disciplined with a belt or just a pop on the hand kept them on track. I’m not saying people lets beat our kids. But sometimes a good old fashion spanking helps.

  4. Biko Baker says:

    This is an interesting discussion! Before I had a kid…I thought I would never spank my child. But now that I have one, its a lot harder to not do it. Spankings are different than abuse. This uncle took the approach that my dad and family members took with me, it’s better for you to be embarrassed and punished by family than have to deal with tough realities of jail or prison

    The truth is that the world has little tolerance for out of control black youth and this uncle, in my opinion, is doing a lot to make sure that his nephew doesn’t get lost in that crazy cycl.e

  5. Biko Baker says:

    I obviously wouldn’t hit my two-year old son with a belt.

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