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Killer Mike – “Burn”

July 20, 2011 Front Page 2 Comments

Killer Mike drops a controversial track and it gets banned by BET. But I gotta be honest, I don’t agree with a lot of the messages in this video. Like stock piling guns because it might “go down.” Like Killer Mike’s fellow Atlien Andre 3000 once said, “while we ranting and raving bout gats, nigga they made them gats, they got some shit that’ll blow out our backs, from where they stay at.”

But the video is hecka creative and raises some very important questions about the way that black men are treated in America.

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  1. Killer Mike says:

    but in Palestine they throw Rocks the reference to Guns is there simply to say defend your self. Nothing more and it’s an American Right to bear Arms. I would think any and every Black should Own a Legal fire Arm. I would love to talk more about the message of this record so feel free to hit me up! @KillerMikeGTO

    • Hakim Be says:

      Real talk ya’ll. The dialogue is more important than the difference. I’m in the “if the bad guys have guns the good guys should have’em too” camp. Where it gets dodgey is when we try to figure who’s the good guys…they don’t think we are…and we sho as hell don’t think they are. I like the Jesus/Pastor bit though Mike. And the real talk about the economy. Biko, I like the Dre3Thousand quote…peace ya’ll.

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