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10 Rappers That’ve Taken Shots at President Obama’s Throne

November 29, 2011 Music, Politics No Comments

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The moment that Barack Obama was elected president, you would’ve assumed Jay-Z and Young Jeezy had something to do with it, due to the amount of times their hit record, “My President is Black” played around the country. I have no exact number of plays, but it was definitely the hip-hop ode to candidate. However, three years after a black man was made president of this great country, some people are quietly asking if he was the right man for the job, while some are yelling it to the top of their lungs. At the end of the day, everyone isn’t in love with Barack just because he’s a cool public figure. We are all looking between the couches in search of the lil bit change we were promised.

The real question is, how influential will hip-hop be in the 2012 election? Is Barack still the popular candidate in the hip-hop community?

1. M1 of Dead Prez: “Obama Nation”

2. Lupe Fiasco: “Obama is the Biggest Terrorist”

3. Rhymefest: “I mean we got indecisive ass Barak Obama and confused ass Tiger Woods”

4. Killer Mike: “Burn”

5. Tyler The Creator: Aחԁ Obama wanted change, I threw a couple f**king pennies аt һіm

6. DMX: What the f**k?! That ain’t no f**kin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the f**k outta here.

7. KRS-One & Professor Griff: “The Obama Deception”

9. Prodigy: “Black Devil”

10. Big Krit: “Obama cool, but he ain’t sending me no free checks

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