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Missed the #HiTekTalk?

November 3, 2011 Front Page, Vote 1 Comment

One week ago, legendary hip-hop producer, Hi-Tek, starred in our #YoungVoterLive series to talk about the importance of voting and participating in politics for our generation. He stopped by Elementz Hip-Hop Center in Cincinnati for an exclusive interview with R Streetz at Elementz and the League’s Ohio State Director, Kwesi.

Check the video below to hear what he had to say and see some local Cincy hip-hop talent freestyle:

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Hi-Tek’s #YoungVoterLive appearance was covered by our friends over at GlobalGrind.

GlobalGrind: You’ve been doing a lot of work with the League of Young Voters, why do you think it’s so important to vote?
Hi-Tek: At the end of the day you have to understand that people have marched and died for us to have the opportunity to vote. I feel that it is a way to voice your opinion and a way to change the country, and try to make it a better place to live.
Read the full interview at GlobalGrind.

As a kid growing up in Cincinnati, what issues and challenges did you face?
The biggest challenge was getting out of the ghetto. There weren’t a lot of people who had the mindset of making legit money who I was hanging around with. Becoming an entrepreneur and coming out of that situation, I feel like I did really well for myself, as far as having that discipline and just having the strength and being blessed to come out of a world where you are surrounded by crack, guns and violence.

Do you think that the hip-hop community has done enough to get the word out on voting and the voting process?

Definitely, there is always more work to do. I can’t speak for the whole hip-hop community because I know a lot of us have done a lot, but it’s still not enough until it’s instilled in people’s brains.

Until it’s really instilled in young people’s brains, that it’s just as important as anything else you do in your life, and then we’ll still have more work to do.


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