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Conceal/Carry: Wisconsin’s License To Kill

December 20, 2011 Politics, Power, Problems No Comments

When I got my first gun at age 22, honestly, I felt liberated. It was a power that I couldn’t compare to the voting process. Having been a DJ in some of the roughest youth social gatherings that were disguised as parties, I believed it was necessary to have. Not to mention, I lived on 17th and North Ave., which is the heart of the ‘hood in Milwaukee, WI. However, the tables turned on this young DJ and cops were involved and long story short, I don’t see a gun as a necessity.

Everyone wants to have power, which is what gun ownership is about, no matter how you look at it. If someone comes in your house where your kids are sleeping at night and terrorizes your family, you want to have the power to get that individual off your property. The same methodology could be applied to hunting and even law enforcement. As Kanye West once stated, “no one man should have all that power,” but at the same time, I don’t think everyone should have that power.

The conceal/carry law was passed a few months back and Wisconsin residents are so eager to take advantage that they’ve backed up the state agency background check process, a record 56,000 applicants to be exact. Wow, Wisconsin is going to make gun ownership trendy. Meaning, people will have guns as a means to be cool and not safe. I can actually visualize a young lady getting a custom pink gun. #SMH

We all have our differences in opinions and upbringings so my question to myself and others is:
Are we really that scared every day of our lives and if so, of who?

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