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Minorities Targeted For Traffic Stops In Milwaukee

December 4, 2011 Front Page, police brutality, Politics, Problems No Comments

I almost feel like I am preaching to the choir or I’m in the choir and we’re singing the same ol’ song. It’s no news to us, being the ones that are always sitting on the curbs in these situations with police officers pulling over our vehicles because they think we may fit one of their descriptions. I remember a cop pulling me over in Milwaukee and blatantly saying we’re looking for guns and drugs. He took me out the car, placed me in the back of his squad car and began a search. He found nothing and released me. To some, this may seem like an unfortunate event, however, I’m used to that as much as I am the seasonal snowstorm. The real question is, should I be?

The Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee’s premier news source, has confirmed a recent study that expresses what we’ve known since we were allowed to drive cars: “A black Milwaukee driver is seven times as likely to be stopped by city police as a white resident driver.”

Click HERE to see police chief’s reasoning behind targeting minorities!

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