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Trill Fam Member, LIL PHAT, Shot & Killed #RIP

June 8, 2012 Music, Problems 22 Comments

Lil Webbie, who is the most active member of Trill Fam Entertainment, the same label that supports Lil Boosie, just recently tweeted that their labelmate and friend, Lil Phat, has been shot and killed. If you’re fans of Boosie and Webbie, then you’re pretty familiar with Lil Phat. He’s featured on most of Trill Fam’s biggest records such as Independent, Count My Money Backwards, and Im a Dog to name a few. While there are rumors circulating that this is a false claim, Webbie has tweeted his condolences, which validates this unfortunate information.

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A 19-year-old man was shot and fatally wounded Thursday night outside Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs, and police were seeking an attacker who may have been seen running from the scene.

The shooting happened about 6:40 p.m. in the 1001 block of Johnson Ferry Road.

Police identified the victim as Melvin Vernell III, of Corbin Lake Court in Sandy Springs. A motive for the shooting was not known.

The incident happened about 6:40 p.m. in the 1001 block of Johnson Ferry Road, Sandy Springs police said. A man was found shot multiple times in a car parked on the second level of a parking deck off Hollis Cobb Drive next to the Northside Hospital Women’s Center.

The victim was taken to nearby Northside Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Witnesses indicated to investigators that they saw at least one suspect running from the parking deck toward Johnson Ferry Road. Police said that as Thursday night they knew of no connection between the shooting and the hospital or its Women’s Center.

The parking deck has video surveillance cameras but it was not known if they captured any useful images.

One of the visitors who found themselves caught up in the lockdown was state Sen. Charlie Bethel (R-Dalton).

“We arrived around 6:30 to visit my brother and sister-in-law – my wife’s family had baby today at Northside Women’s Center – and as we arrived, there was a disturbance in the parking lot,” Bethel told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a phone interview.

“As we entered the hospital, we were escorted to an empty patient room with other visitors,” he said. “Another family said that as they were beginning to leave, they heard shots and were hurried back into the hospital.”

Hospital officials, Bethel said, “just asked us to go, close the doors and stay away from the windows.”

The visitors were let out of the room about 8:30 p.m., he said.

Please return for updates. Read more here: Cops seek 2 suspects in shooting near Northside Hospital

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  1. katrina says:

    That’s really sad that people cannot resolve thier differences without resorting to violence. He was too young to die. I hope his killer is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. Jaterica says:


  3. JRabbit says:

    Rip bruh Death is not a game all these ppl carrying around guns thinking they so bad what happen to fighting with ur fists lost to many ppl in the game it’s hurts so bad and it’s so sad all these innocent ppl being taking from us

  4. piggybadazz says:

    thats very fucked up i am a #1 fan of boosie and trill fam and i hate to see anything like that happen to my favorite artist i love webbie and boosie and webbie?trill fam ent . im sorry for the loss R.I.P LIL PHAT<3

  5. youngenn says:

    dats crazy da way ese youngen ppl iz leavin da earth

  6. Moses da'kid says:

    Nigga cant even shine now days
    Niggas wanna shoot cuz they want wat sumbody else worked hard to get
    RIP lil Phat
    Yo numba 3 fan


  8. Trill Fam says:

    RIP Phat, fucked up the way things went down. Its fucked up ppl in the world… TRILL FAM 4 LIFE…..FREE BOOSIE RIP BRU

  9. derriel says:

    well i really miss lil boosie thats all i have say

  10. ShyannNachelleBaquet says:

    that is messed up ; he was only 19 . people can’t stand to see somebody else shine so they take it away from them ; like damn , he wanna live his life as a star just like other people do : i am too made i was really shitty when i heard about it but that was fucked up for real #R.I.P LIL PHAT !!! ( Gone but not forgotten

    • mookie says:

      i dont think it was right , i mean u cant just go p and shoot someone. he didnt even get to see his baby . like wtf ……. [rip] lil phat i love u and always will


  12. Jayla scott says:

    Crying mii self to sleep

  13. hiismaiin says:

    damn man

  14. , DAMNN bruhh still right now today i can;t belive PHAT dead bruhh who ever did this was a hateing ass mutherfucker , yall was mad cause d\he was on HYS GROWN MAN SHITE AT THE AGE OF 19


  15. kosher weber says:


  16. Tre Clark says:

    Salute lil Phat He Was A True Soldier

  17. sierra says:

    RIP lil phat we will always miss you you are in my heart. you do know me but thats okay i still love you

  18. thomas says:

    aye what it do lil boosie my name is thomas richardson iam 18 years old and iam one of yo fans and i live in indianapolis indiana, i look up to u alot my nigga and i want to get to know u so we can be nigga’s and i love all of your music that u rap and u and lil webbie and lil phat are my niggas i like all of yo rap songs and hold yo head up lil boosie because haters is out there and they are gonna hate on u my nigga just let them hate my nigga and i will pray 4 u my nigga.

  19. Laura Slaughter says:

    Omg R.I.P Lil Phat :( 254

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