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Students Re-enact Chris Brown Beating Rihanna Wearing Blackface?!

October 19, 2012 #ThatShitCray, Front Page, Problems 1 Comment

Wait…They Did What?

So in the midst of everything going on with the election, it’s really hard for things, non-election related, to really catch my attention. And when I say really, I mean like shockingly catch my attention. But the other day while surfing the World Wide Web, my attention was stolen from the election and shifted to an article about white high school students, who wore blackface and re-enacted Chris Brown beating Rihanna at their school’s pep rally, while other students looked on laughing and parents, administrators, and community leaders watched and did nothing to stop them.

Yes, you read that right… Students, WHITE students, from Waverly, NY put on brown paint (black face in 2012) and re-enacted one of entertainment’s most talked about domestic disturbances. And to make matters worse the skit was approved by school officials. Now students are defending what happen, by saying it wasn’t racist and nothing was wrong with reenacting a domestic disturbance, because we all already knew about it.

Pause, while I pick my jaw up from the ground. They really think this is acceptable?

So of course there are a hundred things wrong with this story. Yes, it is a form of both racism and sexism and it is just blatantly disgusting but here are a few things that really bothered me:

  1. The article states that other students, teachers, administrators and community leaders were all present at this pep rally and watched, without stopping the skit as it was taking place. When did pretending that you were black and  “acting” like you were beating a woman become entertaining to watch!? When did it become acceptable, so much so that the adults that were present did nothing to stop what was going on? And when did it become funny? Not only is the school responsible for promoting racism but it’s also responsible for being insensitive of an issue such as domestic violence to where it would make fun of it.
  2. This is not the first time this school has done a skit using blackface. As stated in the original article, the school performed a skit about Tiger Woods in 2010 where another white student wore black face (brown paint) as well. I was blown away by this fact, as I wondered why they just didn’t ask a young black guy to play Tiger? Then I read that the school/town of Waverly is 97 percent white. Not that two black students re-enacting a domestic disturbance would have been anymore acceptable, but really blackface in a mostly white school? Do they even know the history of blackface!? Are we still living in 19th century?
  3. Lastly I am just floored that no action has been taken and that students who attend Waverly are actually defending what took place (Click Here to read students comments about the incident)…So basically a school full of white students, teachers and administrators thinks it’s cool to do stuff like this? And community leaders are cool with it…Racism still alive and they not concealing it (My take on a famous Kanye West line)

So here’s my far-fetched connection between this and what’s going on here in my community and in other communities around the world. People who attend schools such as Waverly High School and live in predominantly white areas, who have mindsets to believe that doing things like this are both funny and acceptable, then grow up and become cops, lawyers, and even teachers. And in communities were injustice is all we see on a daily basi,s it’s a sad reality to consider.

The injustice of Derek Williams, Trayvon Martin and so many other men and women of color have probably taken place due to racist mindsets that believe that brown and black people are not humans but rather characters that we should imitate and beat on for fun, games and laughs! No, I’m not saying every single white cop, lawyer or even student that grows up in a predominately white neighborhood is racist, but it is interesting to think about what students who think this is cool now, will feel when they are adults out here in the real world. It’s a much bigger issue, I’m aware of that…But when things like this happen it proves that we as an entire nation have, still, a lot of work to do.

What do you think about these students and their blackface reenactment of Chris Brown beating Rihanna?!

To read to original article visit Jezebel.

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  1. mercadeo says:

    Three white male students involved in the skit made light of domestic violence, and they did it in racist manner, say some.

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