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Political Quick Hits: November 30th Edition

November 30, 2012 Front Page, Politics No Comments

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • Late last week, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson quit Congress, citing health reasons. As we reported earlier this year, Congressman Jackson Jr. had been treated at the Mayo Clinic for “several serious health issues.” He was still re-elected in November however and he served Illinois’ second congressional district. Jackson Jr, son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, is also the subject of investigations by the FBI and the House Ethics Committee involving possible financial improprieties. A special election will be held in early 2013 to fill his seat. (CNN)
  • Some senators met with United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice this week in regards to her response to the September 11th terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte said they left the meeting “more concerned” and “significantly troubled.” These three Republicans have been very vocal about their issues with Rice, who is believed to be one of the nominees to become the next Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton. The meeting was supposed to help ease some of the concerns Republicans have with Rice to make her confirmation go smoothly if she is nominated. Republicans could block her nomination. Sen. John Kerry is one other name being connected with the Secretary of State opening. (ABC)
  • President Obama’s cabinet should also have a different look in his second term, along with Secretary of State, President Obama will likely have to replace the Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of Defense in the near future. CNN has a detailed article looking at who else could be leaving President Obama’s cabinet and who could be replacing them. To find out who could be in and out, click here.
  • Finally, the Supreme Court will hold a private conference today to discuss whether or not they will accept any of 10 pending appeals in regards to same-sex marriage. The Court could also decided to not address same-sex marriage specifically right away and instead take up the issue of whether or not whether Congress can prevent legally married gay Americans from receiving federal benefits which are otherwise available to married straight couples. The Court could announce its plans as soon as this afternoon. If they agree to hear any of the issues, oral arguments would be likely be held in March with a ruling sometime by late June. (Huff Po)

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