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Political Quick Hits: December 21st Edition

December 21, 2012 Front Page, Politics No Comments

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • Late Thursday night, Speaker John Boehner announced that he was pulling his “Plan B” fiscal cliff bill because he failed to get enough support from other Republicans. Boehner had said previously that he felt this fiscal cliff deal would pass the Republican-run House and would then put the pressure on the Democratic Senate and President Obama. The fiscal cliff’s tax hikes and spending cuts are set to take effect in January and it is not known where talks go from here, though it is likely that Congress could be back to work right after Christmas aggressively trying to get a deal done. “The president will work with Congress to get this done,” the White House said on Thursday (CNN)

  • President Obama announced this week that the White House will look to tighten gun laws in response to the last week’s school massacre in Newton, Connecticut.Vice President Joe Biden will lead an administration effort to develop recommendations no later than January for preventing another mass shooting. Speaker John Boehner said the GOP-controlled House would consider the proposals once they are put forth. (Washington Post)
  • According to sources this week, Sen. John Kerry is expected to be nominated the next Secretary of State after Susan Rice removed her name from consideration. Kerry is expected to have a fairly easy confirmation. Kerry would be taking over for Hillary Clinton who is leaving the job. (ABC)
  • Finally, for those wondering what would happen with the states that recently legalized marijuana in the recent elections, President Obama said this week that enforcing federal pot laws in states that passed legalization is not a top priority and that federal law enforcement agencies have “bigger fish to fry.”  President Obama also noted that certain issues must still be ironed out as more states could pass similar legislation in the future. This is good news for those who support the legalization of marijuana, however it still remains illegal federally. (CNN)
  • Happy Holidays everyone from all of us at 99problems.org & the League of Young Voters!

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