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What Does Same Day Registration Have To Do With Fraud?

December 7, 2012 Front Page No Comments

Photo is courtesy of Uppity Wisconsin

By Rosalynn

Absolutely nothing! Voter fraud, everyone agrees, is a very bad thing. It makes a mockery of the democratic system in which we live in. We can all agree that measures should be taken to fix anything that works against the practice of democracy. So what does this have to with same day registration?

Same day registration has been around in the great state of Wisconsin for last 35 years. Wisconsin has been able to boast some of the highest voter turnout rates in the country since the state law was enacted. It especially serves the African-American and minority population well in the city of Milwaukee since large parts of those populations are extremely transient.

So why does Governor Scott Walker feel the need to do away with this progressive and beneficial law? To prevent fraud in the system, maybe?

Nope. There’s is no data to date showing a correlation between fraud and same day registration.

To help make elections easier on poll workers?

Nope. Poll workers have said same day registration is no problem for them at all.

So, why then, is legislation that expands the reach of democracy and opens a path to many to express their right to vote on the chopping block?

Sounds like some politicians are once again coming up with a solution in search of a problem. We cannot stand by and let them silence any part of the population. We must stand up and let it be known that voting is a right of all and that any attempt to disenfranchise voters is a stab at democracy as we know it.

Call your state representative and tell them to vote down any bill meant to silence our voice.

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