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Stand Against Voter Suppression in Wisconsin!

January 17, 2013 Front Page No Comments


By: Rosalynn, WI League

Fact: There is no evidence of mass fraud due to same -day voter registration

Fact: Same-day voter registration is partly responsible for Wisconsin’s high voter turnout (We are #3 behind Minnesota.)

Fact: There are more people unemployed in the state of Wisconsin than there are cases of fraud in the voting system (Uuuh, why not focus on jobs?)

So, the question remains, why are some Wisconsin legislators focusing on eliminating a system that guarantees the right to vote for thousands of Wisconsinites?!

Eliminating same-day registration, just like the Voter ID bill, would disproportionately affect people of color, the youth, college students and the elderly. Is it me or does it seem like some legislatures are hell bent on silencing the right to vote of a particular group or groups of people?

Stand Up to Keep Same-Day Registration in Milwaukee!

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On January 15th, the League, in conjunction with Citizen Action, WI Voices, The League of Women Voters and a host of others held a press conference in Appleton, WI in defense of same-day registration. There were approximately 50 concerned citizens and organizers in attendance, in addition to 6 or 7 Fox Valley media outlets.

Speakers ranged from the Appleton Mayor Timothy Hanna, poll observers and workers, elections clerks and organizers. No matter who took the mic the sentiment was the same, LEAVE SAME-DAY REGISTRATION ALONE.

Stand Up, Speak Up and Stay up to the date on the fight against voter suppression:

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