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Let’s Talk #2ndChances [Tonight]

Wisconsin #2ndChances Townhall

Re-enfranchisement of our community is important if we are to build power in this society. Join us tonight  at 6pm CT on Twitter for our #2ndChances Town Hall. We will discuss the importance of giving back the vote to those with prior criminal convictions and what it would do for communities of color.

In the past elections we realized just how much power we lost because of false information. We need people to know that if you are completely discharged from parole/probation you can vote. During this election season its important for us to make the connection between re-enfranchisement and elections. We all know politics guides our everyday lives. We need to harness the influence of election and those running for office to our advantage.


  • James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist and Wisconsin Black Media Association president
  • Pastor Walter Lanier,  Founder Great Lakes Urban Empowerment Center founder and attorney of law

Join the conversation by tweeting to the hashtag #2ndChances and let’s discuss building power, expanding the vote and how elections help us to do that.

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Happy Belated Kwanzaa, Senator Grothman

Photo Courtesy of TheContributor.com

“Almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa,” stated WI State Senator Glenn Grothman.

It’s clear he understands nothing about Umoja, one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa that means unity. His press release denouncing Kwanzaa in the new year was not supported by any valid or reliable research. His assertions were conjured up by his lack of cultural sensitivity toward people who share different beliefs than him.

Since State Senator Grothman doesn’t know what the tradition is all about, we’ve decided to brighten his day with a belated Kwanzaa card. Let’s uphold the seven principles of Kwanzaa – unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith – by sending him a special card today. Maybe our greeting card will inspire him to have a change of heart!

Sign the card today: bit.ly/HappyKwanzaa

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Top 5 Reasons People Under 40 Should Vote

No matter what side of the aisle your on, these issues affect us more than we may think.

  1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The question continues to be asked, has your economic situation improved? Have you found a job? For people just entering the job market, the stakes are high. Most entry-level positions are based on minimum wage rates which very from state to state. Higher paying jobs, may no longer come with the security our parents once had in insurance, and social security, and additional job planning will be necessary. Your vote could decide if we have a return to menial factory jobs from the 20th century, or if we will create new industries and support independent entrepreneurs in new markets.
  1. National Health. What good is a job, if you can’t see a doctor when you need to? Nationalized health care has been a huge issue since 2008, and the implications of this are real. People under 26 remained covered under their parents. People with pre-conditions can still receive coverage, waste and fraud have been reduced, and people who need medical attention can not simply be fired from their jobs. The thing about health care, is we all need it, we just might not know when. While you may not agree with every aspect of national health care, your vote could determine if some of our countries most vulnerable citizens are denied medical care, simply because they can’t afford them.
  1. War and Peace. If you are like me, you have noticed a lot of discussion about war and insurgents in the Middle East. The candidates keep speaking about ‘getting tough on Iran.’ But what does that mean? War is expensive and deadly for both sides. Will our country enter into yet another long, arduous war? Your vote could help decide if we, not only as a county, but as individual service people, are going to war, or working toward peace.
  1. Reproductive rights. While the media has portrayed this as a ‘women’s issue.’ reproductive rights are a human issue. Both men and women will be affected by access to adequate reproductive services. While millions of women and men are trying to have children, there are also many women and men actively planning and postponing reproduction. Currently, women and men both have the right to buy contraceptives and use birth control. Women also have the legal right to terminate pregnancy according to their state laws. However, laws are changing, and your vote this election could determine how we plan our families from now on.
  1. Public Education. Now this is a topic that the national candidates have hardly covered, if at all. But the future of public education hangs in the balance nationwide. Across the country the public school system remains greatly underfunded to deal with issues unique to each community. While some districts are in large urban areas, others are in small rural and suburban areas. For too long, public education has tried to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but not all educational problems are created equal. To deal with this issue, it will be important to elect local officials that support your ideals. If you have children now, or plan to in the future, the state of public education is going to have a huge effect on other issues like jobs, poverty, and crime; get involved now.

No matter what party you are with, it is now time to get involved and cast your vote. Voting locally is just as important as voting nationally, so get out there and make your voice known in your community. See you at the polls!

Text VOTE to 69866 if you have any questions about voting!


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[VIDEO] Where does Mr. Voter Fraud live?

Last week, the headlines were flooded with the news of alarming billboards surfacing in communities of color and low-income neighborhoods around the U.S. Many grassroots organizations believe that the unsolicited billboards warning residents that voter fraud was a felony were strategically-placed in minority-populated counties with the intent to intimidate eligible African-American and Latino voters.

Clear Channel has agreed to remove the ads, but many are concerned that with less than three weeks from the election, the irreversible damage has already been done. The billboards sparked confusion and fear among residents in targeted areas who obviously wouldn’t attempt to manipulate the election results. However, the billboards were paid for by a private family foundation that thought Mr. Voter Fraud might just be residing in inner-city hoods.

Biko Baker, Executive Director  of The League of Young Voters, hits the streets of Milwaukee to speak to young black voters to get their thoughts about voter fraud and the billboards that have recently popped up in their neighborhoods.

Check out this comical video highlighting Biko’s quest to find out both where voter fraud lives and to gather a description of what voter fraud violators look like.

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[WATCH] #Ignite2012: Milwaukee

Last night, #Ignite2012 was all over Twitter because the featured panelists brought the truth to the center stage about hip-hop, politics, and culture. The panelists were raw and uncut and addressed various topics that will have significant implications on the youth if they don’t get involved. Do you want to know what was said by David Banner, Chuck Creekmur, Biko Baker, Janee Bolden, Andreas Hale, Malik Rhasaan, Paradise Gray and other dynamic leaders?

Check out the video below to see what you missed:

Video streaming by Ustream

… Continue Reading

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