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Dream Reborn Winners Announced: “Ima Push” by Gordon “Gallo” Nance

In honor of the recent disasters like the Tornado in Oklahoma, Superstorm Sandy and the wildfires in California, EAC members Green For All released “Ima Push” by hip-hop artist Gallo, the winner of their 2013 Dream Reborn Song Competition. The song is about finding a way to go on when you think you’ve got nothing left to give. By helping “Ima Push” go big, you’ll show solidarity for disaster survivors, and help spread Gallo’s inspiring message of resilience.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Gordon “Gallo” Nance is a producer and songwriter from Pocono, Pennsylvania. As a father, he knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to support a family in this economy. And as someone who suffers from asthma, he understands the importance of protecting clean air.The direction for the song “Ima Push,” and his new album stems from what he calls PEM—Positive Energy Movement. “It’s a way of living, it’s about being positive, no matter what’s going on, even if the situation looks crazy, if it seems real negative, you feel like there is no way out. It’s about staying positive throughout all that.  It’s a mentality,” Gallo explains.

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The League Lauches Non-Violence Campaign Inspired By Snoop Lion’s “No Guns Allowed”

April 17, 2013 Culture, Music No Comments


The League of Young Voters Education Fund has launched a grassroots non-violence campaign inspired by entertainment icon, Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg’s song “No Guns Allowed” ft. Drake and his daughter Cori B. As the country faces the reality that a child or teen dies or is injured from guns every 30 minutes, the primary goal of the campaign is to decrease violence by advocating for youth violence prevention programs and background checks on firearm purchases.

During a recent appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Snoop explained how a rash of tragic school shootings motivated him to write “No Guns Allowed.”

“I wanted to make some music to try to help the next person who was thinking about loading a gun, going to a school and shooting. Maybe it would help him put that gun down and think about what he was doing before they [acted],” Snoop told Morgan.

In an open letter to Snoop, which garnered national media attention from leading outlets, such as Politico and BET, Rob “Biko” Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters Education Fund said “I am so inspired that you are using your platform to speak up about the nation’s violence issue. I want you to know that the League of Young Voters Education Fund is committed to spreading your anti-violence message to prevent future tragedies.”

The buzz surrounding the open letter caught Snoop’s attention and prompted him to responded publicly via his Twitter account, which quickly led to a meeting between the superstar and leaders from the League.

Check out what Snoop Lion tweeted to @TheLeague99 … Continue Reading

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#NewMusic: The Ballot or the Bullet Mixtape [DOWNLOAD]

October 29, 2012 Featured Artist, Music 1 Comment

The Ballot or the Bullet? The choice is up to you! Granted they’re making the process to vote harder than walking through the airport but it’s worth it. If they’re not going to give us what we demand, the 6th of November is the day to take it from them. In the midst of economic warfare, the ballot is your bullet. #Nonviolence

Listen to hip-hop’s newest editions, from Kendrick Lamar to Dee-1, trade perspectives on the state of the economy, country, and the most important part of the world…the hood!


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[New Video] Don’t Forget About The Hood

October 26, 2012 Front Page, Music, Vote No Comments

Hip-Hop artist and community activist Jasiri X released the “Don’t Forget About the Hood,” video to heighten awareness to political pundits that young people are paying attention to what is happening in DC. His thought-provoking lyrics aim to encourage people to vote for their own self interests, not a political party.

One thing Jasiri X makes crystal clear is that he doesn’t want the energy and passion that is exerted to organize for grassroots causes, such as Hoodies for Trayvon Martin, to vanish once the media stops paying attention to that hood. It is our social and civic responsibility to continue to fight with tenacity for what is right for all people, regardless of their soci0-economic class or zip code.

Watch the video and please share your comments:

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Twin Cities Hip-Hop Fights Voter ID Bill

October 16, 2012 Front Page, Music, Politics No Comments

On November 6th, 2012, Minnesotans will vote on whether to amend the Minnesota state constitution to require a mandatory government-issued photographic ID with a current address in order to vote.

The amendment would stop students, people with housing instability, communities of color, people with disabilities, rural Minnesotans, older Minnesotans, active-duty service members, and veterans from having a voice in our democracy – and would eliminate absentee voting and same-day registration as we know it (Take Action MN).

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#NewMusic: The Ballot or the Bullet Mixtape [DOWNLOAD]

#NewMusic: The Ballot or the Bullet Mixtape [DOWNLOAD] The Ballot or the Bullet? The choice is up to you! Granted they’re making the process to vote harder than...

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