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Jon Connor “Know The Ledge (Freestyle)”

January 19, 2011 Featured Artist No Comments

Don’t be on the late show w/ David Letterman! Start following @JonConnorMusic now! The super-lyrical Flint, MI native is making his rounds already. If you’re up on this fairly new gents music and work ethic, you can see he has made multiple appearances on the biggest djs shows such as Funk Flex and Tony Touch, lacing a few freestyles. Plus, he’s on a new blog every morning. As my homie, C. SParks would say, Get Familiar! DOPE MUSIC INSIDE>>>>

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Natalie Nunn vs Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose, #WhereIsTheLove???|99Problems

January 18, 2011 Front Page No Comments

This February I want to acknowledge Black History month as well as Valentines Day within one project. The title is #WhereIsTheLove? The content will highlight the issues within the black community, our music and culture, as well as our relationships. So why not feature some scenarios where love should be present.

Natalie Nunn of Bad Girls Season 4 wants Wiz to get out of her fan club. For some reason, I think that she’s just wondering where the same love is from before. It was all good just a week ago. If You’re Entertained By Fake Celebrity Love & Relationships, Continue to Videos!!!

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January 6, 2011 Front Page 5 Comments

Shouts Out To Kwesi of 99P, who, just recently, composed the article, “To Beat or Not To Beat” and in keeping with the theme I wanna rant about a video that has went viral on the net of an Uncle showing his nephew tough love because he was posing as a gangsta on Facebook. This is actually something that I can relate to fore I have received a bunch of those from my uncle who spent a good deal of time in the Marines. He had a father, my grandfather, that would’ve done the same. Personally, I’m thankful to God and all of his friends for the discipline but that there wasn’t Facebook when I was a teenager. BELT MAKES KID DO DOUGIE, INSIDE!!!!

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[VIDEO] Chris Rock, “Oprah You’re So Rich” |99Problems.org

December 30, 2010 Power, Problems No Comments

…says an animated Chris Rock who had his way with a crowd at The “Kennedy Centers Honors”. Luckily, Bossip was able to grab hold if the footage before YouTube made the clip forbidden to watch. Catch Video After The Jump

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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Kanye West – Monster (Feat. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross)

December 30, 2010 Front Page No Comments

It’s safe to say, Nicki killed the verse as well as the video performance. Rick Ross & Jay Z just sat or stood there, which to me, supports my first theory when I heard this song; They seem out of place. In my opinion, Nicki is more of the monster and Kanye West is just outright crazy. JUMP FOR ACCESS TO THE MONSTER’S BALL!!!

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