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[WATCH] Could Indiana’s New Bill Get Cops Killed???

For years, police have been getting away with murder because of stupid laws and stipulations and even recently the ‘stand your ground‘ law has justified the death of black boys worldwide. Ironically, law enforcement in Indiana are treading lightly after a new bill, SB1, has been introduced that could justify a person shooting a police officer if he was wrongfully entering into his home.

It kind of reminds me of the time when the cops kicked in my door looking for someone else that didn’t live there. The entire time, the cops surrounded my house, I had my firearm drawn thinking I was being robbed. Would I have been within my rights to think that if i’m not guilty of anything? What would you do?

First, I think it’s important that you hear what you can’t do!

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Turnt Up Rap Dance Party 2 Year Anniversary Wag Out & Mixtape!!

June 7, 2012 Music No Comments

For the past two years, the Turnt Up crew consisting of three Twin Cities DJs & 1 MC: DJ Willie Shu, DJ Gabe Garcia, DJ Noam the Drummer and Franz Diego have been throwing some of the most infamous rap dance parties in Minnesota, selling out Honey Lounge in NE Minneapolis nearly every month!

“Turnt Up” is a highly aggressive rap dance party bringing out one of the most diverse crowds that you can find in the Twin Cities and allowing everyone in attendance to lose their inhibitions and get ready to dance! The range of music goes anywhere from ’90s rap classics, to hardcore New Orleans bounce to Chicago juke, dancehall, dubstep, house, trap and ratchet music. This Friday, we will have giveaways from our sponsor Neff Clothing, a photo booth by Tommy Ellis to document everything you don’t remember and as usual free “wag juice” at the DJ booth!

In celebration and anticipation for Friday we made a little mix for your ride to the party on Friday night! Check it out and see you there!!




Honey Lounge
2nd St. & Hennepin Ave NE MPLS
Watch Past Turnt Up Party

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#NewMusic: Joey BadA$$ “Daily Routine”

June 7, 2012 Music No Comments

“Better choose the right scheme because you can think you cool with your nice things but get wiped clean for ice cream when the lights beam” is just a snippet of the lyrics that are coming out of the mouth of one of the dopest teen-aged emcees circulating at the moment. As we continue to bring you some of the best selection of music from artists, signed or unsigned, get acquainted with Joey from Brooklyn…


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#NewMusic: Chester French “Black Girls”

Two of my favorite musicians, DA Wallach & Maxwell Drummey have bursted back onto the public scene together, re-introducing Chester French to the a world that missed the hell out of them. Their thoughtful, yet unapologetic lyrics are very much so apparent in their new release, “Black Girls.”

Race is a big deal in America and this racy video features a lesbian, interracial couple that has no shame in embracing each other on camera. Interestingly, Chester French makes no appearance in this video, which is fine if you like to watch two women get it on for four minutes. Hopefully, you can see the bigger picture being painted in living color, while appreciating the lyrics at the same time. In this song, lead singer, DA, exclaims that the world is turning brown and I’d have to agree. But this Friday, we’re going green!

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[DJ] A$AP SCRATCH –(Jam Master Jay Son)

March 10, 2012 Music No Comments

Usually when you hear about child protege’s, they get a lot of backlash for not creating their own lane. From Eazy E to Rev. Run, there’s a long list of celebrities kids that’ve tried to match their parents swag. ASAP Scratch, the DJ for the Mob that A$AP Rocky is the face of, is the son of Jam Master Jay and if you peep the video above, you’ll definitely hear and see the resemblance. Shouts out to the homie Scratch for keeping his father’s memory alive!

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