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Presumed Guilty

December 16, 2013 Front Page No Comments

presumed guilty Hello, my name is Richard  Leckie and I am a person  with a felony record living  in the  United States of  America. Those very  words can describe a few  things. It can define  policies that have disproportionately affected African American males for more than  a generation. It can illustrate the lingering effects of Jim Crow Laws on the Black  community as a whole.

According to a recent article posted on MSNBC online, over 5 million individuals are  barred from voting due to criminal records. That’s three times the margin of victory  from the last house midterm elections. This becomes extremely significant when you look at the recent government shutdown. It shows just how important it is to elect officials who actually have their constituents best interest in mind.

The League of Young Voters has been working feverishly to address this issue. Felon disenfranchisement has hampered our efforts to engage some members of the community in the democratic process guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution. These laws hinder the growth and re-integration of citizens with criminal records.

Join the League of Young Voters’ fight to bring lawmakers and individuals with prior felony convictions to the table to fight together to repeal these laws.

Visit and like Facebook page for Ex-Felons who exercise their right to VOTE


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The League of Young Voters Take on Gun Violence in Milwaukee with its 9th Annual Put the Guns Down Festival

August 20, 2013 Front Page No Comments

On Sunday, September 1, 2013, the Wisconsin chapter of the League of Young Voters will hold its annual “Put the Guns Down Festival” at King Park (1531 W Vliet Avenue).

With 23 shootings in Milwaukee in the first week in August, the League is organizing to decrease gun violence in the city. The event will welcome residents of the city of Milwaukee to attend a day of family-friendly fun with local artists, food, recreation area for kids to play and PEACE.

“We are bringing hope back to our communities while providing free food, school supplies, and an amazing performance and video shoot by Milwaukee’s own Ray Nitti,” executive director, Rob “Biko” Baker said.

In addition to Ray Nitti, Former Bucks cheerleader, Destiny Love will teach attendees choreographed steps to be featured in the remix to Ray Nitti’s hit song “Lights Down Low.”

The day will kick off with a parade at 11:00 a.m., followed by the main festival from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m.. After the main festival, Ray Nitti, will perform and shoot the video for his hit song “Lights Down Low” and the festival will conclude with a dance party.

Put the Guns Down Festival Poster

… Continue Reading

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Earth Day Block Clean-Up in Milwaukee

April 26, 2013 Front Page No Comments

earth day blog picIn celebration of Earth Day, the League partnered with Urban Grass Roots, I.N.C. to make a cleaner and greener Milwaukee for our residents. More than 50 volunteers, ranging from elders to young children, came out to support the community clean-up.

Those who participated during the Earth Day event received breakfast and lunch, a variety of flower seeds, pots of pansy or perennial flowers and a signed Certificate of Appreciation. Additionally, they walked away with the good feeling of helping to beautify our community and provide a healthier environment

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Happy Belated Kwanzaa, Senator Grothman

Photo Courtesy of TheContributor.com

“Almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa,” stated WI State Senator Glenn Grothman.

It’s clear he understands nothing about Umoja, one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa that means unity. His press release denouncing Kwanzaa in the new year was not supported by any valid or reliable research. His assertions were conjured up by his lack of cultural sensitivity toward people who share different beliefs than him.

Since State Senator Grothman doesn’t know what the tradition is all about, we’ve decided to brighten his day with a belated Kwanzaa card. Let’s uphold the seven principles of Kwanzaa – unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith – by sending him a special card today. Maybe our greeting card will inspire him to have a change of heart!

Sign the card today: bit.ly/HappyKwanzaa

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What Does Same Day Registration Have To Do With Fraud?

December 7, 2012 Front Page No Comments

Photo is courtesy of Uppity Wisconsin

By Rosalynn

Absolutely nothing! Voter fraud, everyone agrees, is a very bad thing. It makes a mockery of the democratic system in which we live in. We can all agree that measures should be taken to fix anything that works against the practice of democracy. So what does this have to with same day registration?

Same day registration has been around in the great state of Wisconsin for last 35 years. Wisconsin has been able to boast some of the highest voter turnout rates in the country since the state law was enacted. It especially serves the African-American and minority population well in the city of Milwaukee since large parts of those populations are extremely transient.

So why does Governor Scott Walker feel the need to do away with this progressive and beneficial law? … Continue Reading

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