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Bridgin’ the Gap Between the Brown And Black: #OccupyTheHoodMKE

November 14, 2011 Front Page No Comments

Brown and black people from Milwaukee’s North and South side unite on the bridge that separates them to discuss issues that they all face. This was a powerful experience that brought plenty of emotions. #OccupyTheHoodMKE #Unity #Peace

More amazing pics inside

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October 11, 2011 Front Page 1 Comment

Hoods all over the U.S. are getting together and starting there own movement. Occupy The Hood is a movement ran by people of color. Black and Latino Americans lack participation in the #Occupy movement, so Occupy The Hood is a movement started by Malik Rhasaan and Ife Johari Uhuru after participating in the #OccupyWallStreet protest.

They believe that people of color don’t know how Wall Street effects them and by starting Occupy The Hood, they will bring more people of color involved in the movement.

Check out one of our blogroll partners, Black Youth Project‘s website.

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MLK Day in Milwaukee

January 18, 2011 Front Page, Solutions No Comments

Monday was a celebration of the late great Martin Luther King‘s 82nd birthday. In Milwaukee, WI over 500 people of all different races, ages, and sizes rallied and marched in the snow to the Martin Luther King Statue on MLK Drive. Yes, in the snow! Singing “We Shall Overcome” in the snowy streets made me realize that Dr. King’s dream is in effect. Even though all people are not treated equally, I saw that day that all races can come together and be very powerful. If we all continue to work together and respect one another we can create the change we want to see. If we continue agitating, educating, and mobilizing we can’t be stopped!

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LYVEF Hits Up Tucson to Train Local Youth!

This week the League of Young Voters Education Fund will be in Tucson, Arizona training young leaders ages 13-21 to stand up and be the change that they want to see. The training is being presented by the NonViolence Legacy Project of the Culture of Peace Alliance.

Yesterday, Jayme Montgomery-Baker (Wisconsin State Director) and I were greeted by the Tucson community with song, food, and open discussion about the issues affecting Arizona. Gang Violence, SB 1070, Dream Act, Voter registration, and HB2281 were some of the issues discussed at the circle. The LYVEF is honored and humbled for the opportunity/invitation to inspire, educate, and train Arizona’s young adults during such historical times. You can feel the excitement, emotion, and passion in the air; The Federal Government has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona, protests are taking place on the streets, McCain is running for reelection, and LYVEF is here doing what we do best!

The young people that we have had the pleasure to meet are some of the most passionate and dedicated of this generation and definitely operating from an “Opposition to Proposition” state of mind.

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

People love to talk about change. It is a natural occurrence for people that are enduring a similar situation to agree on the necessity of change and for them to agree on the things that need to change. However, people typically have conflicting ideas of how the change that is envisioned can actually be realized and what that change would look like. It is at the intersection of these two occurrences that is the ever present ingredient which threatens to halt any movement by a community of people who have deemed it necessary to affect a change in their accepted way of life.

This concept can be applied to even the simplest conflict. Let’s say two kids plop down on the couch at the exact same time and the TV is on a channel that neither of them wants to watch. They each have the same desire; a pleasurable viewing experience. However, each of them has a different perception of what a pleasurable viewing experience might be. What the two kids have is a conflict of interest although they have a similar objective. Although they agree on the necessity of change, they disagree on what that change should look like.

So now let’s say that these are two really bratty kids. Let’s say they are really stubborn and cannot agree on a single channel to watch. How can each of them get what they are in search of at the same time? How did they come to the conclusion that they cannot each have what they want at the same time? And furthermore, how did they become so dependent on the TV for stimulation….

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